Dempster Wins Away From Wrigley

I am not going to pretend like this is a relevant topic at 745p in the east. Most of you already know the following…

  • The Cubs Avoided a Sweep
  • Dempster got his first road win in two years
  • The Cubs Bats came back to life
  • Despite outscoring Houston in the series 11-6 the Cubs lost the Series 1-2
  • The Cubs have a three game set v. Arizona Starting tomorrow befor heading back home
  • Greg Norman did not close the deal
  • 100yi really needs to find a contributor or two

Do you want an excellent breakdown of the game since I was busy shooting 75 on the course today? Our friends (well we like them, we aren’t sure if they even know we exist) at Bleed Cubbie Blue have a complete recap of todays game that is far better than any network is giving. Click here to read the recap.

I will preview the D-Back series later tonight…

Is this what they mean when a reporter “mails it in?”


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