Off Topic: Greg Norman

Here at 100yi – we are more than just Cubs fans. We are sports fans. We frequent all of the major media websites, as well as select blogs of likeminded sports fans. Several times weekly, out of necessity to remain relevant to those that are not Cub fans, we will post off topic (non-Cubs) posts for all of Cub Nation as well as our online friends. Our first attempt at going off topic is the “resurgence” of Greg Norman at this years British open.

Greg Norman is leading the British Open. Prior to this week, the last time anyone was able to say that was 1993.

How long ago was 1993?  Consider this…

  • AOL Version 1.0 realeased
  • Bill Clinton became President
  • Buffalo Bills lose their third consecutive SB
  • WTC in NYC bombed via van in Parking Structure
  • Waco Texas standoff / fire v. Branch Davidians (David Koresh)
  • The World Wide Web was born
  • Bulls win the first of their two three-peats v. Phoenix Suns
  • Lorena Bobbit cuts off her huband’s penis (John Wayne Bobbit)
  • Don’t ask – Don’t Tell Policy came in to effect for the US Military

Considering all of those old headlines, Greg Norman has been “in the news” lately for all of the wrong reasons. His highly publicized affair and subsequent marriage to tennis legend Chris Evert which diminished his bank account by a cool $103 million dollars is the stuff that wreaks of E! and Hollywood Insider, not ESPN and PGA Tour. Before all of the publicity, Chris Evert hadn’t been relevant in sports since 1988…Norman…his last victory of any kind was 1998…his last on the PGA Tour was 1997. Now, because of one another – (Norman is crediting playing tennis with his new wife as a key in reviving his golf game) they are enjoying a John Travolta in Pulp Fiction like comeback. We have one more round to see if it turns out to be Swordfish (better than people give it credit for) or Battlefield Earth…


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