Cubs @ Diamondbacks Game One Recap

I am only now getting to the recap. I have spent the last 12 hours shaking my head. All creativity  has been sucked out of my head and I don’t really feel like tlaking to much about the Cubs after watching the last five games….so here are the notes

  • Randy Johnson is now 13-0 lifetime v. the Cubs
  • The Cubs are 13-26 in Arizona (not including playoffs)
  • In 12.1 inninngs Rich Harden has 20Ks…but a loss and a ND to show for it
  • Ararmis Ramirez is slumping…badly He is 2 for his last 30
  • The Cubs have lost 4 of their last 5, but the other teams have scored a total of only 12 runs
  • The Cubs Offense is an issue right now…Piniella is not allowing BP tonight before the game
  • The Cubs are 2 games up in the Central on MIL and STL which are playing a series together right now

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