Schizophrenic Cubs Offense MIA in Loss v. Marlins

One day on, one day off. The Cubs offense has yet to show up in the second half of the season…en masse that is. Sure, they have had a game here and a game there, but no where near the consistent output they had in the first half of the season. The Cubs, my friends….are pressing. They hear the footsteps of the Milwaukee Brewers coming up the stairs and they are doing everything they can to stay just ahead. Well, the Cubs blinked first…and they have taken the ability to stay in first place alone out of their own hands.

It would be easy to blame a terrible non strike call right over the plate and right above the knees to Jeremy Hermida by Bob Howry for the loss. For all of the questionable calls umpires make when someone “paints” the outside corner, you wonder how right down the middle could ever be mistaken for a bad pitch…almost like it didnt have enough finesse. But it would be remiss no to point out that it seems like anytime – not just for the Cubs mind you – but anytime an umpire misses a call or a batter is given an extra strike they always seem to capitalize. Hermida was no different, taking Bob Howry deep a few pitches after the missed strike three call. Again, that would be the easy way out explaination….

In reality, the Cubs need to stop pressing and start having fun again, or it is going to be a long second half. The bats need some caffine…Let the Cubs start taking batting practice regularly again…it is clearly killing the offense, and while it worked a time or two, it is not the long term answer.

Fish win 3-2…Click Here for Professional Major Media Website Recap….

Brewers take on the Astros in two hours….we will be watching earnestly


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