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Cubs lose – No Offense – Marlins 3 Cubs 2

It is getting a little tiresome writing the same thing over and over and over for the game recaps. There is no offense in Chicago. There hasn’t been since the All Star Break…and despite flashes, it doesn’t appear that the offense is coming around anytime soon. Three is zero confidence coming to the plate for any of the Cubs batters. Sooner or later, the Brewers are going to catch the Cubs…and if the team is pressing now, they will be dry cleaning and ironing later.

If this is supposed to be the team that ends the curse they are going to have to stop reading the papers, stop watching the news, and ultimately, get out of their own way, and just let it happen. It is time to start beating the teams you are supposed to beat. I realize the Cubs arent going to go undefeated in the second half, and I also realize it is way to early to panic. It’s just that if I am going to be an objective Cub fan – I remember what the Cubs did to the Brewers last year, and it is beginning to seem likely the Brewers can return the favor this year. If the Brewers win tonight, and tie the Cubs for first in the NL Central, maybe it will serve as the wakeup call the Cubs bats need.

Jeremy Hermedia, the Cub killer, single handedly beat the Cubs today with two HRs and scored the other run in the top of the 12th. Harden struck out 10 again, and again got a no decision. Three starts 30 stirkeouts, 3 total runs given up…an .073 ERA …..one loss – two ND….

Time to go back to what worked in the first half….If it was just staying ahead of the Cardinals because the Brewers wern’t  a threat – It is time to come up with a new plan.


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