Back to Life?

For the first time in more than a month, I actually did not see a Cubs game. Rumor has it that the Cubs had an offense. Rumor has it that there were high fives and smiling in the dugout. I even heard that the Cubs came from behind.

Could it all be true?

I spent the night before on the ESPN bullshitting boards beacuse my usual line up of sports blogs I regularly post on were eerily quiet. I sat there and endured all of the usual “bullshit” form the Brewers fans and the Cardinals fans. The one fan group that shows up in numbers when the Cubs do badly is the White Sox fans. I swear, those guys would trade the World Series ring that they won in 2005 if it meant that the Cubs would never win another ring. Weren’t both Chicago franchises, along with the Boston Red Sox under “unbreakable” curses? Now that the Cubs are the lone “cursed” team in baseball, I guess it makes fans of the team an easy target.

It is worth noting, that most of the homers who predicted the demise of the Cubs the night before, failed to own up to their comments when the Cubs won and the Brewers lost.

Well, today is game one of the biggest series of the year so far this season. A Four game set with the Brewers in Milwaukee will determine who is in first and who is chasing in the NL Central. Ted Lilly faces CC Sabathia at Miller Park in just a little more than 10 hours. Sabbathia has been as dominating as a pitcher can be in his last four starts, while Lilly has been fairly steady, but no where near as overpowering.

The Brewers have been on a tear lately, especially Ryan Braun, while the Cubs have been up and down more than a pogo stick. Will CC continue his domainance, or is he due for a letdown? Will the Cubs bats show up, or will they follow up a big win with another lackluster batting performance?

Strap yourselves in for an exciting four days of Cubs baseball.

If you want to read the recap…since I didn’t see the game – Click Here.


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