Cubs win Third Straight – Extend Lead to Three

The Cubs made it two straight over the Milwaukee Brewers tonight winning three in a row for the first time since the beginning of the month. The Ace v. Ace matchup of Zambrano and Sheets continued to be a one sided affair with Zambrano improving his head to head record against Sheets to 4-1.

While it was a well pitched game through five innings, with the Cubs holding a 1-0 lead, it all came unravled for Sheets in the top of the 6th. The Cubs started the inning with six straight hits that dulled the pencils of anyone keeping score in their souvenir program…Lee – Single, Ramirez – Double, Kosuke – Triple, DeRosa – Single, Fontenot – Single, Soto – Single, Zambrano – Single, Soraino ending the hit parade with a Sacrifice RBI to center. In all the Cubs sent 10 men to the plate while chasing Sheets. It would be all the Cubs need to insure what ended up being an easy victory as they went on to an easy 7-1 victory.

When exactly could you begin to feel that it was the Cubs night? The top of the first inning was the indicator. Ben Sheets is virtually automatic when he has a hitter at 0-2 in the count…hitters holding a .133 BA v. Sheets with that count. Theriot banged out a single to center, stole second, and ended up at third on a throwing error. The hit ended up being meaningless in the box score, but it went a long way in dictating how the team would handle Ben Sheets….damn the statistics – wait for your pitch…when you get your pitch – drive the ball. It worked all night. With a 7-1 score you would expect HRs, but the Lou’s Crew did it all by being patient and manufacturing runs. It appears that the Cubs (not really- but literally) took the advice of 100 Year Itch and finally got out of their own way.

Game three – nationally televised on ESPN…morning preview….much analysis…and maybe even a guest post as well.


16 Responses to Cubs win Third Straight – Extend Lead to Three

  1. boze says:

    well i felt it was the cubs night from the get go,honestly i could get a sense from the last few games that soriano and ramirez were gonna get hot and guys like ramirez and soriano can carry a whole damn team on thier shoulders when hot,it also help to have your stud ace on the mound pounding the strike zone all night throwing 8 innings of shutout ball and striking out a season high 9 batters,also almost every single hittter in the lineup did their part,in all they banged out 15 hits,WHAT A GAME!!!!

  2. mikeychx says:

    like i said in a previous post

    1. the cubs need to get out of their own way
    2. the brewers catching the cubs in the standings was exactly the wake up call the cubs needed…since they were tied…cubs 3-0 brewers 0-3

  3. boze says:

    good post,i wasn’t worried so much about c.c.,i was more worried about lilly and us getting to their bullpen and thats what happened,same thing happened tonight too,as far as tomorrow and the finale we are easy favorites.

  4. boze says:

    also how about the cubs running on kendall,that is nice to see,he wasn’t worth a damn with the cubs,w/o looking up the stats i believe kendalls tenure with the cubs he threw out 4 out of 50 sum base stealers so i expect to see more running the next two games.

  5. mikeychx says:

    kendall has always been awful form what I can remember…and how much of astud has samardzija been? remember i was asking you about him in spring training…i knew he could be a stud set up man

  6. boze says:

    just now looked at that farnsworth fight,lmao!!.i was right when i told you on the phone that the pitch never did even hit wilson,damn what a baby!!he sure as shit got hit in the end,lol

  7. mikeychx says:

    yeah…one of my all time favorites, regardless of how you feel about the cubs or farnsworth

    check this out too…

  8. boze says:

    LMAO!!……….well thats not as bad as the “showdown” at the 2yr olds sesame st. party………but still unreal people fight over this………well imagine if we DO INDEED win the WS this year,man the city of chicago will have to call in cops from all over illinois to handle crowd control if they win it at wrigley,i mean people will be celebrating but some celebrations will turn into drunken riots in the streets!!!i can’t even begin to imagine,also i GUARANTEE fans will boil over into the field kinda like the 75 series when carlton fisk hit that game six walk off homer but MUCH,MUCH WORSE!!

  9. boze says:

    btw i added this website to my links on my espn profile but im trying to fix it,its got the whole lee elah thing all like a link now,check it when you get time,tell me if you have any ideas how i can fix it??

  10. boze says:

    well not really a big deal,i’ll figure out somin,maybe i will just put up a blog about it the way you did………more people will recognize it that way anyhow.

  11. mikeychx says:

    yeah…so much better with the lack of censorship here huh?

  12. boze says:

    oh most defiantly,..especially when we get more people.well the moronic people will love it,lol.

  13. mikeychx says:

    Check out the new post…see the brewer perspective

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