Cubs Sweep Brewers

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The Cubs sweep the Brewers to open a five game lead in the division….

Details and recaps coming later in the day…we need to catch our breath from all of the trade talk all day…. Check back to hear all about Jim Edmonds 2HRs including a Grand Slam


One Response to Cubs Sweep Brewers

  1. boze says:

    good thing you got it done,i just got home,had to stop by my sisters and fix her computer,it had crashed,boy im smart,lol……also in the grocery store i was talking with a cub fan and we were laughing so ahrd about prince fielders fit he had,that was priceless and we were talking about the next series with the crew and we both agreed it will be braunn who gets beaned by one of are hard throwers………so i guess we’ll see.i think yost put way to much pressure on those guys by saying “this is a must win series” and lou just basically shrugged it off and said”it’s a important series sure but its not a must win yet”,bottom line yost sucks,i have never liked him………awesome sweep!!!

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