A Rant On “Class”…Or Lack Thereof

So I’ve seen some grumblings from alleged Brewer fans regarding the supposed “classless” Cub fans. I won’t go on about how Cub fans are better in this way or that. It’s wasted time to me. The point is- teams have some complete idiotic buffoons that embarrass other fans of the same team. No team is immune.

You all have seen it at the ballpark or in a bar. There’s that guy that makes you want to slink down further in your seat and pull your hat over your eyes as he stands there spitting beer while shouting obscenities at some other team’s fans…probably with small children trembling in fright next to them.

Let’s face it- there’s a right way and a wrong way to be a fan. But when we get to talking about “classless”, why not look to the teams too?

Is it class when your team has been beaten in every way and down 9-1 in the ninth to throw at the opponent’s hitter who just happened to tag you for two home runs? Is it class to shatter your bat at the plate, not run out the fly ball, and proceed to yell “horse sh*t” at the umpire somewhere close to two dozen times? Is it class, after having been ejected, to sit in the dugout pouting and delay the game?

David Bush hit two batters and gave up three home runs. That’s his fault. Eric Gagne, having previously shown the Brewers he’s no longer a closer, was dubiously inserted in the ninth. He throws increasingly inside on the first three pitches and then behind Jim Edmonds. Classless. It was the equivalent to a hockey coach sending in his cement head to take out another player.

Prince Fielder wants to argue balls and strikes…in the bottom of the ninth inning…down by 10 runs. Admitedly, Doug Eddings had an inconsistent strike zone and his definition of a swing is the near equivalent to my definition of standing still. However, when your team has already embarrassed themselves to the tune of 11-1 (at that point), that one outside pitch isn’t all that much to cry about in the scheme of things.

To top it off, you have the illogical Ned Yost at the helm. To send Gagne in as a headhunter was a clear sign he had lost control and his team proceeded to come unglued. There were other instances in the series when he likely cost his team an edge or the game itself (See: Ben Sheets being hung out to dry).

You can always move away from the classless fan. But what do you do when it’s your team that’s classless?

Yost is classless and the Brewers fans deserve better.


12 Responses to A Rant On “Class”…Or Lack Thereof

  1. maninthebox044 says:

    Not sure what happened with the “all” popping up there. Can I go in and remove that?

  2. mikeychx says:

    i agree…We as Cubs fans should be grateful that the Brewers arent being managed properly…As much grief as people give Phil Jackson for having the likes of MJ, Pippen , Shaq, and Kobe…Well DougCollins and Del Harris had essentially the same teams before him and couldnt get it done…..Phil Jackson is the difference maker

    If he Brewers can Yost and get a real manager this rivalry would be 10x better…but we will probably never see that rivalry be what it could have been because Sheets and Sabathia are gone after this year….and one by one the bats will exit too….

    No wondew its all or nothing this year for the Brew Crew

  3. bozecubbies says:

    nice post………….i agree……..i saw so much classless brewers,i mean sure they got the shit embarrassed out of them but show a lil self-control……and yost is the main problem,i think he always has been,as i said the other day,throw somebody like joe giradi in there at the helm with all that young talent and you would not see the antics you see from the brewers such as braunns”showing up pitchers” when he hits almost every home run,or weeks not hustling when soriano doubled him off and so on.

  4. bozecubbies says:

    and most “homers” love to say we are the “claseless” team and fans or the drunken fans who know nothing about baseball……….i think this says it all, i got this from the post-game remarks from the brewers:

    “We don’t like the fact that we allowed their fans to come into our park and have a four-day party,” said Yost. “But that’s our fault.”

    “We got spanked,” Yost said.

    “We got our [rear ends] kicked,” Bush said.

    “I’m pretty much embarrassed,” Braun said.

  5. mikeychx says:

    besides sabathia and sheets…who else do these guys stand to lose next year?

  6. bozecubbies says:

    well if selig still owned them you could be sure prince and braunn would be on there way out,prolly not next year unless they have a horrid first half but when the want more money,i think kendall will be gone,not much of a loss there……….no doubt about it,this is the year they need to make it happen cause they will suffer next year but i don’t see them topping the cubs,they really showed what thier all about this last series,they made a lot of mistakes under pressure,no team is gonna go all the way playing like that under pressure

  7. mikeychx says:

    especially battin .060 with RISP

  8. mikeychx says:

    another good read….so inoticed we had almost 200 hits yesterday…50-60 was probably us…unless you guys are getting the word out….you guys letting other dudes know about us? With all o fthe good reads it is a shame its not getting out to the masses

  9. bozecubbies says:

    don’t worry it will,and yes i did make up some flyers a few days ago and post em up at a few watering holes.

  10. bozecubbies says:

    im thinkn once i get the word out to these big whse in the chicagoland area as we talked about before we will see a big increase,still yet for being a lil over three weeks old,least we got some good stroys going and people will come,the more you put in the more results will come sooner or later.

  11. bozecubbies says:

    gonna be off for a about 45 min,just pulled the rig into the yard,on my way home now.

  12. boze says:

    one quick thing,not sure if i told you but my uncle lives near mesa,AZ….im gonna try to get him onboard …..he is a real good baseball man,if me and you do make a trip to mesa you will love the guy,he has his problems but very baseball intelligent.

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