Trade News…No News

 Cubs general manager Jim Hendry listened to a few offers over the last week but didn’t aggressively pursue anyone before the July 31 trading deadline.

The Cubs were considering adding a left-handed hitting corner outfielder, which would have moved Kosuke Fukudome to center, but decided in the long run that Fukudome’s sterling play in right outweighed the need for another bat.

“Obviously we always try to better our club, and I think we did with (Rich) Harden and (Chad) Gaudin and bringing (Jeff) Samardzija up,” Hendry said. “It just didn’t make any sense to add somebody just to add somebody.

“Now that we’re back healthy with Soriano, and the Reed Johnson- (Jim) Edmonds combination I think is very good, and Fukudome is as good a defensive right-fielder as there is and seems to have come out of his early July hitting issues reasonably well. If you try to add bodies just to add bodies and move people in spots they’re not used to playing …

“Like I said a week ago — I was very confident the guys that usually hit would hit again. I didn’t want to be disparaging at all to the guys that have put us in the spot we’re in. Its unfair to make a deal just to make a deal and eliminate (playing time) for a very productive player. It just didn’t make any sense. I wasn’t in the aggressive mode at all the last couple of days. I just sat around (Thursday), did hardly anything and just watched the game.”

You mean like us sportswriters?

“Yeah,” Hendry said. “I could’ve been a writer.”

Despite some flaws, it’s probably the most talented Cubs team since that ill-fated ’69 edition, and the chemistry in the clubhouse is as good as any team in recent years, devoid of superstars who feel the need to put their own interests in front of the team.

That’s why no move is probably the right move, at least until an injury forces the Cubs to make an audible.

“I think we have enough,” Soriano said. “The move they made with Oakland (acquiring Harden and Gaudin), was the best move we could’ve made. I think we’re fine with what we’ve got.”


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  1. mikeychx says:

    Bo…make sure you get links to these quotes…Ill talk you through it later…gotta name your sousces!

  2. bozecubbies says:

    gotcha if u wanna fix it,these qoutes came from and

  3. bozecubbies says:

    that sportsnipe is a real good source

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