Cubs-Cards Series Preview.

The Cubs open up a three game set against the division rival Cardinals this Friday,As for myself im ecstatic about it as i will be at two of the three games if not all three,As far as the Cubs,well they are currently Rollin winning 9 out of their last 12 games,Most Cub hitters have all contributed to all this winning lately most noticeable is Alfonso Soriano who has 6 HR’S and 11 R.B.I’S in his last 11 games,It is easy to tell that the off-injured Soriano is not bothered one bit by that hand injury that kept him on the shelf for awhile.

Wednesday’s win was the Cubs’ 33rd come-from-behind victory this season, although that statistic is a little skewed. A team is credited with a come-from-behind win if it’s trailing by one run in the first and rallies so the Cubs  have the momentum going into this series and having the best home record in baseball doesn’t hurt any.

As far as the Cards,well since the start of the season NOBODY thought they would be over.500 let alone 6 games back of the Cubs (who have the best record in the national league )in mid August .They just continue to surprise everyone.Pujols and Ryan Ludwick have been the hottest hitters on the team the last few weeks,they have been without Slugger Rick Ankiel but after missing 11 straight starts because of a lower abdominal strain, it appears Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel is very close to returning to the lineup.

Looking Ahead To The Pitching Match-Ups:

Friday, August 8 Wrigley Field | 1:20 PM CT

Braden Looper, RHP (10-9, 4.29) ~ Ted Lilly, LHP (11-6, 4.35)

Saturday, August 9 Wrigley Field | 2:55 PM CT

Todd Wellemeyer, RHP (8-4, 4.01)~ Carlos Zambrano, RHP (12-4, 2.76)

Sunday, August 10 Wrigley Field | 7:05 PM CT

To be announced~  Ryan Dempster, RHP (12-5, 2.93)

This is a HUGE series for the Cubs. They can pretty much bury the Cards or the Cards can bury themselves,by HUGE i mean not a “must win” but HUGE  as in lots of “breathing room”, if we take at least two out of three that will put the cards back to 8 games behind us in mid aug. with one and a half months to play,Thus leaving a real uphill climb for the cardinals.

Few notes on are aces going this weekend(Dempster and Zambrano),after their games this weekend they still should get another 8 to 10 chances to start games unless we really break out and piniella decides to rest them a few starts,However either way each one of them has a great shot at winning 16 to 18 games if they continue to dominate they way they have and if the Cubs lineup continues to give them run support,Also look to see their names amongst the cy young Candidates this year if they keep up the good work.


18 Responses to Cubs-Cards Series Preview.

  1. boze says:

    hey mike i was gonna do more but somin came up and i gotta run out and help a friend of mine,so add more if u want too,if not it looks ok,i will be home anytime after ten so just call me cell if you wanna talk…….ttyl………

  2. bozecubbies says:

    pk im back but after looking it over it looks fine i think,so where u at,home yet,??

  3. MikeyCHX says:

    stop being such a fucking stud and doing all of the work!

    nah dude…everything looking very nice…appreciate all of the help

  4. sparty says:

    mikey i pimped you today on my blog, you are welcome.

  5. boze says:

    can’t help im THE FUCKING MAN MIKE!!!!!!!didnt you get the memo????………

  6. boze says:

    do you think there is a need to do a game one preview,if so i will get one together,no problem??

  7. bozecubbies says:

    yeah he pimped you out alright,its a good lil read,lol.

  8. MikeyCHX says:

    edmonds just pulled a braun…curtain calling with a game tying home run…

  9. boze says:

    yup i saw that,lol

  10. boze says:

    hey mikey you got the recap,i gotta get outside and bleed the brakes on my bike so i dont kill myself tonight,i’ll be listening on the radio outside………..

  11. MIKEYCHX says:

    Blanco drives in the game

  12. MIKEYCHX says:

    yeah ill get the recap…in fact it would be my pleasure…unless man in the box wants to give us eyewitness details

  13. mikeychx says:

    24 games over .500…..holy shit!

  14. boze says:

    just stopped back in,AWSOME.GAME…………HANK WHITE DOES IT!!!!!

  15. boze says:

    i gotta get with cubes tomorrow and exchange some tix and get with man in the box,that is if i don’t kill myself on my bike tonight,i fucking stripped the screw to one of the front brake calipers(a piece that holds the brakes) so now i will only be riding with back brakes!!!!!!fucking pisses me off!!!

    wonder when the last time the cubs were 24 over??

    i can handle tomorrows preview or do u want it???either way is fine with me.

  16. boze says:

    and how bout edmonds,how ridiculous has he been???,i read somewhere that he has the most hr’s on the cubs since he came over………….

  17. MikeyCHX says:

    ill get the recap and the preview…give you a break

  18. boze says:

    sounds good,thanks……………..

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