Cubs Get Asses Handed to Them…We aren’t Amused

Today was a bad day. Not so much from the standpoint of the Cubs losing, but from the standpoint that I didn’t get to watch the game. I bought to see out of market games…specifically the Cubs. But today was a nationally televised game on FOX….Nationally televised for who? People in Illinois and Missouri?

I was forced to watch the Yankees get their asses handed to them by the Angels….That’s right, FOX got the two games where there was some serious ass handing going on. Needless to say, I watched the ESPN game cast and listened to Ron Santo until I just decided that I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore.

  1. I was pissed that I couldn’t watch
  2. The Cubs were Losing
  3. I was the victim of Intensive Nagging all day

So…Unless we get first hand accounts from BozeCubbies or the Man in the Box, I am mailing it in because I have nothing to go off of except for what’s already been said over at ESPN. Anyone can do scoring replays, I have always been about the observations…without anything to observe, I get a little lost…and very disinterested.

Click Here for the Pro Recap (ESPN)


13 Responses to Cubs Get Asses Handed to Them…We aren’t Amused

  1. mikeychx says:

    hopefully we get the eloquent recap and pictures form Jim’s trip to wrigley….I know I am looking fforward to it

  2. mikeychx says:

    Speaking of Asses….this is a funny post I read today over at TBL

  3. boze says:

    yeah mail this fucker in!!!!i couldn’t even begin to give first hand accounts on the account of all the confusion today…………….i still havent found out a motherfucking thing about what happened to cube and none of my friends have heard from john(the guy i sent to meet cube) since this morning………..oh well fuck it,tomorrow is another day.let me know if you want me to do a preview for tomorrow or a eyewitness recap from the game.

    it just burns my ass that today i didn’t get to meet anybody,to be honest i wish i woulda fucking stayed home!!!!!!!

  4. mikeychx says:

    yeah…do a preview please…i golf in the morning i think…so that would be cool

  5. mikeychx says:

    did espn delete your post that told people to come here?

  6. boze says:

    yeah the bastards did not only once but twice!!!!!!!!

  7. boze says:

    i don’t give a shit a though its going right back up there,ive asked the comm eds why and they have given me no response.

  8. mikeychx says:

    wierd…mines been up for a month….maybe i am not active enough…dunno

    but wisdom cube wants to start blogging over here too…so i told him to shoot me an email and we will do it up…its only a matter of time before we break freefrom that bullshit anyways

  9. boze says:

    yup im up,im getting worried about my friend john,nobody has seen or heard from him since he left at around 7 this morning to meet up with cube.

  10. mikeychx says:

    shit….i fell asleep at the computer…oh well

    so john has your phone? wtf?

    hope theyre good…..keep me posted….im gonna catch some zzzzs

  11. mikeychx says:

    ill check back in about 4 hours before i head to the course

  12. Hef says:

    Mikey, some of us are amused. Hell, most of us.

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