Daryle Ward Finally Comes Through!


Despite being stuck at work and being forced to watch Cubs games through ESPN Gamecast, on top of trying to look busy, I must say that Big Z’s been a tad uncharacteristic as of late.  I don’t have much to say about the game because I couldn’t watch it, and will see highlights tomorrow because I’m partying tonight after work.  I hear that Daryle Ward FINALLY came through.  This was a guy who was the butt of jokes from many of the forum alumni on ESPN.  He came up in the top of the 9th and pulled through.  I just have to say that Lou definitely sees something in guys others don’t.  That’s why I can’t deny Lou and what he does anymore.  Yes, we question his uses of Bob Howry despite Howry’s troubles and lambastings by fans.  During the St. Louis series, Bobby did come through after his much maligned month and a half when he kept the game going.  He didn’t give up a costly home run or meltdown, walk two guys, give up three hits, and surrender not only the lead but eventually the game.  I guess that mojo carried over to Daryle Ward a week later, who jacked that three-run blast off of a good closer in Kevin Gregg (whom I recall was trouble for the Cubs in that series split).  So here’s to Lou, for we believe in you!

Tonight was also the ninth straight road win for the Cubs.  This pushes their road record to 30-30 overall and now gets them off that subject of “can’t win on the road”.  Baseball just seems like a game people have absolutely no patience for anymore.  I see it when the Cubs drop a game and trolls storm the board like it was game 7 of the World Series!  It’s hilariously depressing.  Hilarious because of the off-color predictions, depressing because you’re trying to talk baseball and they keep hampering your conversation.  I digress, however, I just have to say that when a guy gets into a slump he HAS to bust out of it (unless it’s Corey Patterson or Richie Sexon).  That’s what Daryle did tonight and he put us at a cool 28 games over .500.

So the next time someone’s in a 0-40 slump, try to see the lighter side of it because baseball is a marathon.  Not a fucking 20 yard dash.

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4 Responses to Daryle Ward Finally Comes Through!

  1. mikeychx says:

    The win gives the Cubs eight straight road wins and leaves the Cubs just one game under .500 on the road, which as we have stated here on 100yi before, is pretty monumental considering that they were 8 games under at the break. Overall, the team is 27 games over .500…

    I said it yesteday…you echoed it today

  2. maninthebox044 says:

    The gal and I were “watching” on MLB.com. As soon as I saw the “hit, runs” message come up, I looked to see where the ball went. We started high-fiving and dancing in the computer room at the house.

    We, of course, are dorks.

  3. Donny D says:

    Daryle Ward is a great guy and a talented player. We all hit slumps. Kudos to Lou for having his Ward’s back. We’ll see how he does tonight, playing in D. Lee’s 1st base spot. Keep it up!

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