Rain Delay the Start of Nats v. Cubs

The Washington Nationas come to town today…and the game is in a rain delay. This is good for me, becuase as a one man show, it gets me the extra time to tell you about the match ups.

The Nationals are the worst team in MLB….and had it not been for awful Philadelphia Phillies fielding last night, they would be coming in on a 13 game losing streak.

So it is Jason Marquis on the mound today for the Cubs pitching against John Lannan for the Nats.

Reed Johnson gets the nod over Jimmy Edmonds in center…we never seem to see enough of Johnson. We at 100yi think it should be Fukudome sitting, not Edmonds….But hey, we arent’t Lou Piniella.

Recap later.


5 Responses to Rain Delay the Start of Nats v. Cubs

  1. mikeychx says:

    wow…soriano two steals in one inning….nice and agressive

  2. mikeychx says:

    three steals…including a steal of home…way to manufacture a run

  3. mikeychx says:

    Marquis still cant avoid that ONE BIG INNING…fucking ridiculous…Marshall needs to strat now that Woody is back

  4. mikeychx says:

    i am going to get another screen name so it doesnt look like i am chatting with myself

  5. mikeychx says:

    oh my…it is the first pitching blowup in a month…cant wait to see what the trolls will be saying after this one…lets go have a look shall we

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