Cubs Return Beatdown Favor to Nationals

Aramis Ramirez hit two three run homeruns to power the Cubs past the Washington today. One day after the Nationals pounded Cubs pitching to the tune of 13 runs, it was the Northsiders who did the pounding.  The 9-2 victory could have been much worse as through the first three innings the Cubs left the bases loaded twice and two on in the first.

Ryan Dempster notched his 15th victory of the year, which is a career high…but it was Dempsters candid comments of the shot to win 20 games this year that is endearing him to the Wrigley faithful…

“I don’t know. I’m not worried about that. It’s a great personal accomplishment, but my motivation is one reason and one reason only and that’s to get to the playoffs and win the World Series,” Dempster said. “I will take 15 wins and a World Series and I’d be the happiest player in baseball.” (ESPN)

Dempster is on a Cy Young pace and would be at the top of the discussion if not for Brandon Webb of Arizona having a monster year.

You know where to go to get the professional recap…I am going to say what matters most. The Cubs will go for their EIGHTH straight series win tomorrow. If they can win series for the rest of the year and not get too upset about dropping a game or two, then the pressure is on everyone else.


7 Responses to Cubs Return Beatdown Favor to Nationals

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  2. mikeychx says:

    bo…sorry i missed you today…ill try to hook up with you during the game tomo

  3. bozecubbies says:

    hey mikey, i know ive been “out of the box” for the last week and a half laid up in a fucking hospital bed but i would like to start writing again,i wont do anything till i get the ok from you and if all you guys got it covered now,i totally understand……… just pissses me off,i have so many pics from that series we were all supposed to me,you know the one that got all fucked up,well hell i’ll send them too ya but their pretty much worthless now to the site………..i can’t tell ya how good it feel to be back home in my lil “cubbie den” with all my plaques,posters,memorbilla,cubs shit EVERYWHERE and of course all my electronic shit.

    anyhow just let me know what youd like me to do and again if you guys got it,im fine with that……… me today or just write back here,i am going to the game today so I WILL GET SOME FUCKING PICS TO YOU FINALLY IF NOTHING ELSE………….later bro………….

  4. bozecubbies says:

    also im off work for the next week and a half cause of the pneamonia,i mean its pretty well gone but i conned the dr into giving me a slip,its funny what i said,i said somin like”look doc you made me miss COUNTLESS cub games,i’ve had to watch the ones i could actually get on wgn on this shitty lil 13 inch tv,they are my life,you wont let me have any of my PDA’s,the fucking food sux………least you couild do is write me a slip so i can get some well-deserved paid time off!!!???”

    and he took the bait,so like i said i aint got shit to do for a week and a half,anyhow whatever you need……………………

  5. MikeyCHX says:

    no way….write when you want….no need to get the okay here…i want to see the pics…i like to read other peoples previews and recaps….do it up dude

  6. MikeyCHX says:

    well do an in game thread with you at the game

  7. boze says:

    ok sounds good,also i will get the pics to you and you decide if u wanna post any or keep em for personal on the way to the game now,bout 10 min away,kinda pissed i wanted to take pics of batting practice,oh welli will do it next time.

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