Trying to Be Original

The Cubs won….again. Eight straight series. Is it cause for optimism? No. Not for a Cubs fan. It is another reason to keep our mouths shut.

The trolls are growing in number this year. The accusations and assertions remain the same. Yet, like Kosuke Fukudome (at the beginning of the year anyways) we remain patient…almost to a fault.

I cant go into too much detail….a Cubs fan knows why. Just listen to the public address announcer….

Please remain calm….keep your hands and arms inside the boat and remain seated…until the ride comes to a complete stop. Exit to the right and collect your belongings. You will be able to purchase pictures of your ride in the gift shop. Thanks for riding the Cubs roller coaster – and please…enjoy the rest of your day here at Wrigleyville USA.

Sum it up for you?

Nuggets –

  • Eight Straight Series Wins
  • Mark DeRosa Homered in Four Straight Games
  • Rich Harden is 4-1 with a 1.47 ERA Since his acquisition
  • Our two biggest acquisitions didnt cost us a thing
  • Those acquisitions have produced 87 RBIs
  • Same Acquisitions have scored 79 Runs

Okay…Okay – Ill Shut up

Cubs win today 6-1….Improve to 80-50…Off to face the  Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow.

Check in for a Preview before heading out to your favorite chat room.


3 Responses to Trying to Be Original

  1. boze says:

    hey mikey sorry i missed ya,i got on for bout an hour but then i was just dead ass tired and i had to be up by now which is 4:45am here,as you know im off work but i have to pick my sis up from work about 30 min from here at 5:30am…………….anyhow i wanted to do todays preview…….so i’ll get that up there today cause i know you have been doing most of the work since i was sick………………i tried and tried to put pics up on here but it just kept fucking up or i wasnt doing it right so we’ll have to get together on that,or i’ll just email them to u and u post them,id still like to learn though………….later……….bo

  2. bozecubbies says:

    you wrote:”The Pittsburgh Pirates come to town tomorrow.”

    actually we go to pnc today.

  3. mikeychx says:

    fixed the @ pittsburgh

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