Cubs @ Pirates Game One Thread


Will this be our DH the next time we play the AL?

We will be chatting here when the game starts….welcome to all of the dudes that come over because they are sick and tired of the bullshit bans, and the incessant trolls over at ESPN….yes thats right – you have freedom of speech here…

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20 Responses to Cubs @ Pirates Game One Thread

  1. mikeychx says:

    first – i know…kind of gay since I posted the thread….but

  2. clown says:

    Go Pirates! W o o o o o o ! Cubs are teh suXX0rZ!

    /is that how trolls do it?

  3. mikeychx says:

    for sure….those crazy trolls….i am working on a troll hall of fame as we speak

  4. mikeychx says:

    putting together the starting rotation for the troll team now

  5. Fire_Yost_Please says:

    DH and should move his .360 BA into the 4th spot!

  6. mikeychx says:

    all right i am here homies….lets chat it up

  7. mikeychx says:

    troll free ….operators are standing by

  8. mikeychx says:

    BO….where u at?

  9. mikeychx says:

    missing it all….im watching this shit on….rammie 3 run hr…5-0

  10. mikeychx says:

    shit…bo is at the hospital…not for himself though…for his aunt….i guess ill be at espn mostly…trying not to beg people to come over here

  11. Larry says:

    Hey, good start for the Cubs. I’ll drop a plug on another night when Bo is back.

  12. mikeychx says:

    no prob…id like to have me and bo and you and wisdom cube here for sure…my feelings arent hurt…im good

  13. Larry says:

    Don’t you think it would be better to have some action rather than have people stop by, nothings going on and they leave? It’s just gonna take time.

  14. mikeychx says:

    yeah…absolutelyyesterday was good…i want it to be like that all of the time…and as the season progresses it will get better…we are only 45 days old and we have almost 3000 hits….thats a career for some major leaguers

  15. Larry says:

    I hear you – we’ll get it rockin!!

  16. Larry says:

    Is there anyway to iclude pix on the site? I am a real novice!

  17. mikeychx says:

    yeah…i took bo through it today…check out the wrigley live post

  18. Larry says:

    GO, Cubs, GO!!


  19. mikeychx says:

    troll call time….too bad bo missed this game

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