Cubs Sweep Bucs

Jason Marquis managed to not shit the bed or have one big inning. No walks? Five Hits? Player of the Game? Doesn’t sound like the Jason Marquis that I know.

Zach Duke dominated the Cubs batters most of the day, so the Cubs had to rely on small ball to score their two runs. A swinging bunt (basically) by Ronny Cedeno drove in the first run in the form of Reed Johnson, and then Lou Piniella called for the suicide squeeze with Henry Blanco executing the bunt that brought Mark DeRosa to the plate. Executed – Perefection…2-0…turns out it was all that the Cubs needed. Kerry Wood notched his 27th save of the year. The Cubs improved to 83-50….best record in the bigs.

A four game set with the Philladelphia Phillies is on tap for the Cubs next. The New York Mets will be watching with some interest in hopes that the Cubs can continue their winning ways. Check back tomorrow for a preview.


2 Responses to Cubs Sweep Bucs

  1. TheWisdomCube says:

    So I think I’m officially blocked from ESPN. . . I have no idea what I did yesterday, but apparently I sprinkled some sand in some troll’s vagina. . . goddamned douchebags. . .

  2. MikeyCHX says:

    one day soon….i would like to think everyone is here…i will be regardless…too much drama over there with the trolls…you say one thing and get reported now…i think that it is the “in” thing to do….getting someone banned that is

    oh well….were here for you

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