August and Everything After

Big weekend series at home for the Cubbies to close out the month. The Philladelphia Phillies are coming to down for a four game set that has playoff implications for both the NL Central and NL East. In fact this whole weekend could be the weekend that everything starts getting sorted out in the National League.

Here is the NL East Picture:

  • NYM Lead the Division
  • PHI Half a Game Back
  • FLA 5.5 Back

Here is the NL Central Picture:

  • Cubs Lead the Division
  • Milwaukee 6 Back
  • Cardinals 9.5 Back

Here is the Wild Card Picture

  • Milwaukee Leads the Race
  • St Louis only 3.5 Back
  • Philadelphia 4 Back

Now consider the crop of games this weekend…

  • Mets @ Marlins
  • Phillies @ Cubs (4 Games)
  • Brewers @ Pirates
  • Cardinals @ Astros

This is a make or break weekend for the NL East teams as you can and should expect the Brewers to sweep the Pirates giving them a lock on the NL Wild Card. That leaves the Mets, Marlins, and Phillies all vying for one playoff spot. The Mets are in the drivers seat on this one. If they take care of business against the Marlins they should maintain the division lead. The Phillies however, with a series win in Chicago can hope that the Marlins take out the Phillies (which is a good possibility) and they can leap frog over the Mets to take the division lead. We are getting a very dangerous team this weekend.

I could analyze the ever loving shit out of the NL East race and how fascinating it all could be….but this is a Cubs site…and I am not going to waste anyones time on the magnitude of the implications of the pontificating and conversating I could editorialize in this column. I think by just laying all of the games and standings out there that you can agree that this could be the weekend where teams can look back on and say “thats where it all turned around for us” or “thats the weekend weshit the bed.”

We have our four best pitchers going this weekend…at home.

  • Game One = Dempster v. Hamels
  • Game Two = Harden v. Blanton
  • Game Three = Lilly v. Meyers
  • Game Four = Zambrano v. Moyer

Daily previews and reviews coming….in game threads….just in case anyone actually stays here to chat after getting the previews.


4 Responses to August and Everything After

  1. Why do you gotta say that StL is ONLY 3.5 back?

    Answer: Cubs bias

  2. mikeychx says:

    trying to think if i should fix that….hmmmm

    Nah…youre right – cubs bias

  3. Gonzo says:

    Cubs fans always looking for the sympathy fuck. Well, here it is. Don’t blow it this weekend.

  4. mikeychx says:

    you dangerous phillies you….well at least marquis isnt pitching

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