Cubs @ Phillies Game One Overflow Thread

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160 Responses to Cubs @ Phillies Game One Overflow Thread

  1. mikeychx says:

    allright…back at it

  2. mikeychx says:

    wow….demp is getting hit pretty well tonight

  3. cuban4cubs says:

    mickey you in la? want to know about the rub and tug joints drama and turtle talk about so much…

  4. mikeychx says:

    yeah…im north of la….

    not too many of those here

  5. cuban4cubs says:

    i didnt think it was that big just makes the show funny

  6. cuban4cubs says:

    is this game a replay of the series in chi last year.. game one had hamels in a duel vs lilly..

  7. Larry says:

    Mikey – yes the UD def

    Cuban4cubs – I’m an old man – what are talking about with regard to rub & tug? Turtle talk?? I’m completely lost!!

  8. mikeychx says:

    yeah…im trying to figure out if that was an accident or on purpose with zor chu

  9. cuban4cubs says:

    entourage is a show, on this show these guys go fo rub (massage) and tug (happy ending)

  10. mikeychx says:

    for some reason…i a mnot worried yet…is anyone else?

  11. mikeychx says:

    what happened to bo?

  12. bozecubbies says:


  13. mikeychx says:

    all right time to go get dempster

  14. mikeychx says:

    new thread is all

  15. Larry says:

    cuban – i am enlightened!!

  16. cuban4cubs says:

    a little, but i’m tired as fuck and i cant stop shitting my pants..

  17. mikeychx says:

    keeps the refresh rate down

  18. mikeychx says:

    sorry to here that…..go take a cole and wipe your hamels

  19. mikeychx says:

    what time is it there?

  20. mikeychx says:

    112 pitches…dempster is done

  21. cuban4cubs says:

    its almost 11 AM, i think the chicken i had has not chicken.. the only thing that does this to me is cat.. fuckin cats all over, so they cook them to save money..

  22. cuban4cubs says:

    wash up 11-2 on the bums…

  23. mikeychx says:

    wow…dodgers are shitting on their chances

  24. Larry says:

    Not looking good and this ain’t Pittsburgh!!

  25. Larry says:

    Hey, Bo – did you think you got banned AGAIN??!!

  26. cuban4cubs says:

    fuck man if i knew the cubs was going to stay in the dominican i would of lined up some pussy..

  27. mikeychx says:

    did anyone catch camel toes pitch count before he left

  28. bozecubbies says:

    yup larry i think so..oh well fuck em

  29. cuban4cubs says:

    88 pitches for the camel

  30. mikeychx says:

    uh oh super bowl shuffler…lets chase camel toe…and then we can win it late

  31. cuban4cubs says:

    boze you a military man? i work with the air force i translate for the jasdf… i get paid to speak enlish and japanese thats the shit…

  32. Larry says:

    Bo, I thought you meant on this site when Mikey started a new thread. Can you please get us some hits and then some runs??

  33. cuban4cubs says:

    yes start the rally soto

  34. mikeychx says:

    i had an assload of stuff deleted too…i think ttas the new way of fucking with people over there….report borderline shit and get people banned….itts only going to get worse

  35. bozecubbies says:

    yeah cuban i was airborne ranger,3rd battallion-85th reg/121st infantry from 02 to 07 in iraq and afghan

  36. mikeychx says:

    i was a navy feller

  37. mikeychx says:

    camel toes up to 94

  38. mikeychx says:

    knew that they couldnt turn that with kosuke

  39. cuban4cubs says:

    i just got home from iraq .. the usa was so nice to us i think i cleaned one shitter and played video games all day… dont really know why the japanese are there…

  40. mikeychx says:

    the us doesnt know why they are there anymore either….lol

  41. bozecubbies says:

    i never cleaned a shitter,seened it many times,i was in some bad ways over there in 04,lotta anmbushes and shit on humantarian missions and such

  42. mikeychx says:

    i see larry is geting the wrath of zorchu

  43. Larry says:

    What’s he smacking on now? I really try to just let hom slide most of the time and only crack on him periodically. The best way to get rid of him is for the Cubs to swing the lumber & score some runs.

  44. cuban4cubs says:

    no doubt man shit is for real over there.. i did not see much but the little i did i wish i never did.. respect man thats all i can give…. and dont think i can give enough.. thats how much i think about yous guys..

  45. mikeychx says:

    yeah…the trolls will be out enforce tonight

  46. mikeychx says:

    i just wish guys like bo didnt have to go thru the shit that they do…

    i was in the navy, but never at war…and even if i was id be 100 miles away on a ship..never in the trenches

  47. Larry says:

    Mikey, I sent him the info out of UD that you shared earlier. Maybe that has him on edge

  48. bozecubbies says:

    myself i seen WAY too much action,and i too wish i never would done some of the things iHAD to do,i still got PTSD from it but its getting better,thanks for the respect bro,i have the same for you or anybody that was over there

  49. mikeychx says:

    wow…howry didnt shit the bed for once….

  50. Larry says:

    Hey, Bo, speaking of action, how is Lucy??

  51. bozecubbies says:

    ok we need to “put it on the fucking board” as hawk would say,god i hate that fuck!!!

  52. Larry says:

    Who is your hitter to lead off?

  53. cuban4cubs says:

    just wish bush would tell you all whats really going on with all the troops.. his lies are getting old and half america thinks he is telling the truth…

  54. mikeychx says:

    before the night is over…thanks for supporting 100 year itch…it will grow more as more and more people tell others about it…and get more and more tired of espn

  55. bozecubbies says:

    that fuckinh bitch,lol……….she is still mad i guess at me and she still aint starting,ive done a ton of work on here but i think im gonna throw in the towel and bring it to the harley shop,fuck it,i still got my ninja to ride.

  56. mikeychx says:

    well hamels is gone…so here we go

  57. cuban4cubs says:

    little babe then fonzi its rally time…

  58. mikeychx says:

    did i just call tat…fuck yes

  59. bozecubbies says:

    cuban ,man thats all it is,fucking lies,your right on,on that one!

  60. mikeychx says:

    come on phils…waste that hamels gem

  61. cuban4cubs says:

    did i call that for little babe

  62. bozecubbies says:

    ohhhh here we go????

  63. Larry says:

    Mikey, call something else, QUICK!!

  64. mikeychx says:

    derosa gets on….lee…rammie gs

  65. cuban4cubs says:

    yesssss the magic comes again in the late innings.. lets get a 6 spot in this inning…

  66. Gonzo says:

    Oops, here’s the new thread. glad I read the comments. Go Phils!!!111!!!eleven!!!

  67. Larry says:

    cuban – i second the motion!!

  68. cuban4cubs says:

    mickey, if we have to wait for dero we might lose..LOL…

  69. mikeychx says:

    ok…its working so far….no ground balls lee

  70. cuban4cubs says:

    my cock just moved..

  71. Larry says:

    Turn the wheel, DLee!! SAC fly is OK too. Get’s us within 1. No DP No DP

  72. bozecubbies says:

    guess thats a good thing

  73. mikeychx says:


    i am bigger than fontenot

    wish i could hit like him

  74. Larry says:

    Another pitching change – haven’t seen this guy – does he have anything the Cubs can’t handle?

  75. mikeychx says:

    my cock is moving too….

    oh wait this isnt the porn chat room

  76. bozecubbies says:

    fucking a here we go

  77. Larry says:

    Mikey – the table is set. Make it happen!!

  78. mikeychx says:

    holy shit…i called it…i fucking called it

  79. bozecubbies says:

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. cuban4cubs says:

    its just as good as porn, i’m happy as fuck now

  81. mikeychx says:

    my cock is moving my cock is moving

  82. cuban4cubs says:

    one more run and we get the 6 spot i called for…

  83. Larry says:


  84. Gonzo says:

    Thanks for having me guys. I’m gonna go murder some people tonight. Seeya in the funny pages!

  85. cuban4cubs says:

    i really do got a huge boner right now…

  86. mikeychx says:

    nice to see ya gonz….are you gonna go kill yourself?

  87. Larry says:

    Geo can get you that 6th one with one swing. C’mon!!

  88. Larry says:

    Oh well, good job on the 5 spot!!

  89. bozecubbies says:

    well keep the cocks swinging it seems to be getting the job done!

  90. mikeychx says:

    thank god you told me to call it larry

  91. Gonzo says:

    No, I don’t deserve to die. Others deserve to die.

    Serenity now.

  92. cuban4cubs says:

    see if my japanese brother fukudumb can get a hommer again..

  93. mikeychx says:

    everyone…meet gonzo…hes an author at major league jerk…great baseball blog site…i encourage you to check it

  94. Larry says:

    I tell you what guys. If the pen can hold and we win this game, Ole MO is definitely walking right beside the Cubs. These games have been absolutely incredible. It all kind of started with that game against the Rockies back in April, wasn’t it? Down 8-1, and the Cubs come back with a 9-8 win. They believe in themselves and in each other.

  95. mikeychx says:

    i wanted to say it earlier…but i will say it now

    thank god that alex rodriguez isnt our third baseman

  96. mikeychx says:

    @ gonzo

    should i lock my door?

  97. cuban4cubs says:

    like mike said i never worry untill the game is over…

  98. Gonzo says:

    Nah, you’re good people Mikey. I’m so angry I’m just gonna walk to the store and cut the first person I see.

  99. cuban4cubs says:

    no way can they put an 8 spot up like they did on the fish

  100. Larry says:

    Mikey – did I hear you call a 2 run double or was it a 3 run tater?

  101. mikeychx says:


    grand theft auto style?

  102. Gonzo says:

    Yanno what? If the Phils come back and win, I am still gonna be pissed. That’s how angry I am.

  103. mikeychx says:

    look back at 729 of this thread…i called the GS

  104. mikeychx says:

    well…if the phils come back they deserve it…but man…how deflating

  105. Gonzo says:

    You got it Mikey. Do a carjacking, bang a hooker in the backseat. then beat her to death and take back the 12 bucks I gave her.

  106. mikeychx says:

    fuck yeah! and do the same to the pizza joint too

  107. cuban4cubs says:

    shit i lost my wood

  108. mikeychx says:

    quick…go to or asian

    …er….at least i think you might be able to go to those…ummmm….oh never mind

  109. mikeychx says:

    you actually went you fucking horn dog….haha

  110. cuban4cubs says:

    lookks like lou gave me my wood back

  111. cuban4cubs says:

    i live in the biggest city in the world.. not to hard to get pussy on short notice…

  112. mikeychx says:

    double play ground ball….643

  113. Larry says:

    Funny, haven’t heard from Zorchu lately!!! LQTM!!

  114. mikeychx says:

    larry did you look at 729 pm on the thread?

  115. Gonzo says:

    asian thumbs? really? lol sicko

  116. Larry says:

    Mikey – you called it and so it shall be!!

  117. stigs says:

    @Cuban: you live in Tokyo?

  118. Larry says:

    Mikey – yes I saw it when you posted it. Look for my response a few later. I gave you props. Can we do a 4-6-3? That seems more possible with Utley up there.

  119. cuban4cubs says:

    no team in baseball has fans like the cubs.. that croud is in a fuckin frenzy..

  120. cuban4cubs says:

    tokyo it is the greatest city in the world…

  121. bozecubbies says:

    sry felas not ignoring you all,im just trying to get my crazy kids to bed now.

  122. mikeychx says:

    man that wulda been a hell of a finish

  123. mikeychx says:

    just in case you guys jam after this….we will be here for game tomo too

  124. Larry says:

    Howard better = K

  125. Gonzo says:

    I’ll be playing poker tomorrow nite. I’m better off though. We’re getting swept anyway.

  126. bozecubbies says:

    great game boys!!!!

  127. Larry says:

    Woo-Hoo – huge win!! See you later guys. Thanks!!

  128. mikeychx says:

    wow….great game

  129. Gonzo says:

    seeya later man. I’m gonna go shoot my dog.

  130. cuban4cubs says:

    later guys see yous all ashta….. fuck yeah………….

  131. bozecubbies says:

    leter larry

  132. bozecubbies says:

    later cuban

  133. bozecubbies says:

    and gonzo

  134. bozecubbies says:

    no im still here

  135. Larry says: com/watch?v=DrlLmTh3 2KI

  136. Larry says:

    Link didn’t work. What did I do wrong? Bedtime on the East Coast!! Good win. Night all.

  137. bozecubbies says:

    night larry,ill be in touch

  138. mikeychx says:

    should be quite the banner day here at 100 year itch….almost 300 comments on the game….

  139. bozecubbies says:

    jamie moyer 2morrow…..what is he like 60 now,lol

  140. bozecubbies says:

    yeah it was pretty good 2nite

  141. mikeychx says:

    wow…still cant believe…i know this is gonna sound like im sucking my own dick…but i cant believe i called that grand slam…were you here for that?

  142. bozecubbies says:

    yeah i was,awesome call!!!!

  143. bozecubbies says:

    well mikey im dead ass trired from the kids and all the hospital shit among other things,i need to back to the hospital 2morow but i can handle the preview if u want or u either way im cool with it??

  144. mikeychx says:

    sleep good pally….i ll get the review and the preview…unless u get the preview up first…i guess what im saying is do or dont….its ll good

  145. bozecubbies says:

    not sure i might try and make the game2 morrow,i just got a full fucking load 2 morrow with all the shit going on.

  146. bozecubbies says:

    ok sounds good bro,have a good night,i’ll talk with ya 2 morrow

  147. mikeychx says:

    good night…im out

  148. bozecubbies says:


  149. mikeychx says:

    wow 300 comments…pretty fucking cool

  150. mikeyt34 says:

    I had to leave during the game, my roommate texted me with the Rami GS info. I about shit myself when I heard. Nice call at 7:29 with the GS, freakin’ hilarious. I finally posted something. Hope you like.

  151. maninthebox044 says:

    To Gonzo:

    When it comes to that “sympathy fuck” you mentioned, would you like us to slide it in slow or fast?

  152. mikeychx says:

    lol@ maninthebox

    gonzo is a phillie fan from another site i go on alot….they all avoid the cubs site….so i was pimping the site over there and requested the “sympathy fuck”


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