Wild Wild West?

It’s looking more and more likely that if the Cubs remain on their current pace they will have the best record in the NL.  In nearly every scenario I can come up with it appears the Cubs are on a collision course with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  This is unfortunately the Cubs worst case scenario with the three headed monster of Webb, Haren, and Johnson waiting.  The media has been forecasting this for weeks now. 

There’s no way the Wild Card is coming out of the West so any way you shake it the Cubs will be playing the West winner.  It’s almost makes you hope the Brewers win the division and the Cubs get the Wild Card, forcing the Cubs to play on the road against the East winner, although losing the division would cost the Cubs home field, momentum, and confidence.  This is not an option.

Peter Gammons said the other day that there would be no repeat of last year’s sweep, Steve Stone has mentioned this as well, but why do the Arizona Diamondbacks scare the hell out of me?  I know the Cubs are a much better team than the Diamondbacks but anything can happen in a five game series.  If it were a seven game series I would feel much better about things. 

The Cubs are going to have to keep their same approach they have had all year long and that is PATIENCE.  The Cubs pitchers are going to be more than able to hold down the Diamondbacks offense, which at times is pretty pathetic, but what happens when Webb, Haren, and Johnson do the same.  I just hope it gets to the bullpens earlier than later in most games, where the Cubs have a tremendous advantage.

I continually look to see how the Dodgers and Rockies are doing, but neither are making much of a move, although Colorado has gained some ground the last week or so.  Another hope is that the Dodgers, Colorado, and the Diamondbacks are fighting it out until the last weekend, or even tie the division, and have to play an extra game, that would burn through some pitching.  All things said, I want nothing to do with the Diamondbacks and will keep my fingers crossed that someone else can catch them in the end.


2 Responses to Wild Wild West?

  1. mikeychx says:

    i am in agreement with you…facing webb – then haren


    saving grace is never say die….ala last night
    patient hitting to chase the starters

    get to the bullpen
    that will be the key to that series

  2. mikeychx says:

    and i hate the five game series….and that has nothing to do with the cubs

    seven game series brings out the best team

    five game series can be a lucky winner

    nice first post

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