Phillies @ Cubs Review / Preview – Game Two Thread

It was good to be a Cubs fan last night. Phillies….eh, not so much.

Ryan Dempster was very un-Dempster like giving up hard hit ball after hard hit ball. By the eighth inning the Phils had four on the board. To make matters worse, Cole Hamels was dominating the Cubs all night through seven. Thank God teams protect their pitchers today. Hamels was yanked for bullpen relief after 108 pitches. Little Lord Fontenot promptly took the second pitch out over left center to eek closer at 4-2.

Then the “draaa muh” began. Soriano doubled to deep left….Theriot singled…Lee walked to set the stage for Aramis Ramirez. Eight minutes prior I laid out the prediction that A Ram would go deep for a GS…the table was set. You know the rest of the story….6-4 Cubs.

What made it even more fun was that we had our banner day of commenting with 300+ during the game…by far our biggest one day haul here at 100 Year Itch…everyone was around for the prediciton and the subsequent celebration.

So off we go to game two….Rich Harden goes for the Cubs…Joe Blanton for the Phillies. i dont have time to get all of the stats up before the game so…Use your imagination on a Rich Harden start…be interesting to see how the Phillies respond after back to back heartbraking losses….

Not expecting as much traffic here during a day game…so it may be quiet…it may rock…who knows

Ill be here as much as possible…don’t forget if you are a new commenter, your first comment is moderated, then you are allowed to comment freely…kind of a anti troll mechanism


113 Responses to Phillies @ Cubs Review / Preview – Game Two Thread

  1. mikeychx says:

    i am here…ready to go…just in case anyone else shows up for the day game

    …don’t forget if you are a new commenter, your first comment is moderated, then you are allowed to comment freely…kind of a anti troll mechanism

  2. mikeychx says:

    on a side note as i chat with myself….i wonder what its going to be like when kosuke actuall remembers he was a power hitter in japan

  3. cuban4cubs says:

    cuban in the house, drunk as shit tho

  4. mikeychx says:

    its noon here on a holiday weekend…i probably crack one in a few

  5. mikeychx says:

    be slow here today…day games usually are

  6. cuban4cubs says:

    its 4am and i just got home after a night full of beer and a mark grace special ” slump buster”

  7. bozecubbies says:

    bo is in the house too and like cuban im on a fucking mission after tonights game so im getting drunk as shit too,getting her going early

  8. bozecubbies says:

    well he may not be on a mission but hes drunk

  9. cuban4cubs says:

    for a team thats k’s like crazy, the phill’s have made the cubs pitchers pitch…

  10. bozecubbies says:

    thanks for doing the stuff mikey and the ohther guy,i been busy all day with some whole new kinda bullshit and it aint good,anyway………….

  11. cuban4cubs says:

    my mission is done for the night and mr grace would be proud of the girl i landed.. she was a no doubt “slump buster”

  12. cuban4cubs says:

    64 after 3 innings for harden.. the pen will get some use today…

  13. Gonzo says:

    The Phils are off to a good start in the series opener today. Rbi single by Pat Burrell puts them up 1-0. Harden vs Blanton in the first game of the series. C’mon Phils, let’s take 2 outta 3!

  14. mikeychx says:

    sorry just got subway from my wife…

    4am…you about to crash then huh?

  15. bozecubbies says:

    well mine is FAR from done,im gonna set the fucking night off tonight,but it will be just the oppisite of what you did…..anyhow good for you on landing the hottie

  16. mikeychx says:

    for sure….save harden…let samrdzija eat up some innings

  17. mikeychx says:

    wow….what up bo…gonz…it may not be too slow after all

  18. bozecubbies says:

    hey mikey,gonzo…i left u a msg up above mikey

  19. mikeychx says:

    come on we need a base runner

  20. mikeychx says:

    i red it ….no prob…i may need help this weekend though…all day games

  21. Gonzo says:

    What’s up guys. Thanks for having me. Slow day at work, so I’ll have plenty of time to chitty chat.

  22. mikeychx says:

    @ gonz…you watching it on game cast? or

  23. cuban4cubs says:

    no boze, she was not hot.. a ” slump buster” in mark grace’s words, is when you are in a slump at the plate you go uot and fuck a fat bitch.. this was a grace rule in the club house for single guys.. the sum of the shit is dont slump so you dont have to fuck a fat ho…

  24. Gonzo says:

    I’m watching on Gamecast. The one thing does right.

  25. cuban4cubs says:

    can rich get to the 5th? his count is at 68 wit no outs..

  26. mikeychx says:

    agree that game cast is nice…i wish it had pitch count though

  27. mikeychx says:

    well… one win is not worth wrecking harden over…so i say no

  28. bozecubbies says:

    OH FUCK ME!!!!LMAO!!! SORRY BRO,my head is somewhere else right now,i didnt read it right,………fucking funny shit tho cuban!

  29. mikeychx says:

    need a ground ball here

  30. bozecubbies says:

    well then,i might have to get me a “slump buster” tonight,man i shouldnt say that but im rotten as hell and i know it!

  31. cuban4cubs says:

    if you hit her from the back and your hands on the bed you dont know that she is fat.. oh close your eyes too…

  32. mikeychx says:

    anyone gotta pitch count?

  33. cuban4cubs says:

    82 after 4innings.. he can go one more, then bring in jeff…

  34. mikeychx says:

    yeah…one more max

  35. cuban4cubs says:

    not even near the zone on that k call

  36. mikeychx says:

    ump fucking us here

  37. bozecubbies says:

    well noted cuban,i still get that ripple effect,you know when after the hit the fat on her back goes up her neck and bounces back down to you damn near knocking you off her……………i know guys,im supposed to be talking cubs here……….

  38. mikeychx says:

    suprised that wasnt a strike

  39. cuban4cubs says:

    if this fuckin loser no hit bids the cubs it will take away last nights magic.. why do we make shitty pitchers look like ace’s

  40. mikeychx says:

    hey most people give the same answer when they are asked how to find the wet spot on a fat chick…heres the real secret:

    you go through each fold….smelling each one until you find the one that smells like shit….then you go back one

  41. cuban4cubs says:

    sweet shit never talk a no no cause it always gets broken up when you do.. your welcome blanton..

  42. cuban4cubs says:

    looks like we will need some late magic again 2nite…

  43. bozecubbies says:

    thats good mikey!!!good stuff

  44. bozecubbies says:

    boy lee just makes it look too easy

  45. Gonzo says:

    I just threw up in my mouth. Thanks Mikey

  46. TheWisdomCube says:

    I have arrived!

  47. cuban4cubs says:

    welcome wisdome, hope you bing the hits too

  48. TheWisdomCube says:

    I hope so too. . . it’s been quite a pitcher’s duel today. . .

  49. bozecubbies says:

    well shit

  50. TheWisdomCube says:

    Either it’s going to be one of those bad games. . . or the Cubs are just fucking with the Phils. . . spotting them a lead only to steal it in the end. . .

  51. cuban4cubs says:

    fukudumb is in a world of his own…

  52. cuban4cubs says:

    harden should be done 100 after five.. who do you all think will come out of da pen?

  53. mikeychx says:

    lol a gonzo…sorry bud

    whats up cube

  54. mikeychx says:

    hopefully samardzija…but probably marsahll…either way im fine
    but there is chad goddam

  55. mikeychx says:

    i sadi it early…so ill say it again

    wonder what it will be like when fukudome remembers he was a power hitter in japan

  56. cuban4cubs says:

    work that count dome

  57. TheWisdomCube says:

    Oh joy. Hammerin’ Hank at the plate.

    What’s happening, Bo?

  58. bozecubbies says:

    damn cube sry didnt see ya,whats up bro………..

  59. mikeychx says:

    where did evryone go?

  60. TheWisdomCube says:

    I’m still here. Been going back and forth with the ESPN forum. . .

  61. mikeychx says:

    pretty sure cuban passed out drunk style…its five or six am for him

  62. cuban4cubs says:

    still here, im in and out man fuckin starting to lose my buzz and now i’m sick as fuck.. shit should of passed on the sushi..

  63. TheWisdomCube says:

    Mikey, that’s hysterical. . . now all we need is for Rod Smart to legally change his last name to He Hate Me. . .

  64. TheWisdomCube says:

    Alright. . . Blanton’s walked The Riot and D Lee. . . let’s hope Aramis can do something!

  65. cuban4cubs says:

    holy shit that wind is blowing in hard.. gonna have to blast one to get it out today..

  66. mikeychx says:

    different hero everyday…lets go jimmy

  67. mikeychx says:

    ok…maybe not…derosa single….cubs up 3-2…its a prediction

  68. mikeychx says:

    fuck…how do you not score there…shit damn fuck

  69. TheWisdomCube says:

    Alright. . . it’s Fuku time. . . I honestly don’t know how to feel about that, but he’s due for a big hit!

  70. mikeychx says:

    ok…japanese magic doll…..kosuke just a single…..just a mother fucking single!!!!!

  71. cuban4cubs says:

    you can rub my japanese magic doll

  72. TheWisdomCube says:

    I wish this was the Scott Eyre of the first half of 2007 pitching. . . we’d get a few runs that way. . .

  73. mikeychx says:

    will it grow as a rub it?

  74. Gonzo says:

    You got your wish Cube

  75. mikeychx says:

    tie game…nice hit kosuke

    that as a strike when it was pitched to theroit earlier

  76. mikeychx says:

    hit a slam on your birthday henry

  77. Gonzo says:

    I couldn’t see the pitch, but Gamecast had it on the low border of the strike zone. Since they don’t call the high strikes anymore, at least call the low ones.

  78. cuban4cubs says:

    did henry tie his bat to his sholder……….mikey it will grow and when firmly grasped it spits….

  79. chris says:

    why the double switch? Isn’t Fukudome the best defensive OF? Samardzija isn’t going to pitch more than the 7th, is he?

  80. TheWisdomCube says:

    Anyone else think the umping is atrocious today? Seriously. . . Phils and Cubs have gotten screwed on calls today. . .

  81. mikeychx says:

    agreee…not even sure they got howard there

  82. mikeychx says:

    yeah…howard was safe…too bad…because we will hear it if they go on to lose

  83. mikeychx says:

    soar -eee—ahhh—-noo

  84. mikeychx says:

    hey stop making me talk to myself

  85. TheWisdomCube says:

    Aaaayyyy The Fons came through!

  86. mikeychx says:

    do you guys remember when derek lee use to hit the ball in the air?

  87. mikeychx says:

    ive heard about it but its been so long i cant remember the last time i saw it

  88. TheWisdomCube says:

    I do. . . those were some good times. . . now fans have been referring to him as “6-4-Lee”

  89. mikeychx says:

    haha….and thats why you are a writer for 100yi

  90. mikeychx says:

    comon jeffy…..ground ball time

  91. Gonzo says:

    Jayson Werth should be leading off for this team. He knows how to work a walk and get on base.

  92. mikeychx says:

    @ gonzo

    you guys got screwed in the 7th….howard was safe …run should have scored

  93. Gonzo says:

    Yeah I heard. I wouldn’t call it getting screwed. We screw ourselves (and not in a fun way)

  94. mikeychx says:

    yeah… i know….but im used to people saying….”you only won because (insert bullshit here)”

    so i thought i would point out that howard was safe…you know from a cub fan

  95. TheWisdomCube says:

    I really don’t get these White Sox fans with sand in their snatches. . . I really don’t. . . they come into the Cubs forums acting like someone shit in their cereal this morning. . .

  96. TheWisdomCube says:

    It is amusing when the Phillies fans join the Cubs fans in revolt though. . . here’s an example. . .

    chirules – just so you know, from a perspective OUTSIDE of the state of Illinois… EVERYONE in America thinks of the Cubs as Chicago’s team. enjoy mediocrity!

  97. mikeychx says:

    i know…thats fucking brilliant

    white sox hate it too….mikeychx is still banned at espn…so fuck em

  98. mikeychx says:

    perfect bunt…..

  99. Gonzo says:

    Hey, how was Sarge singing the 7th inning stretch>?

  100. mikeychx says:

    it was good…but wierd because of the ejection on the field after howard was called out….only about half of the fans were singing..the rest watching the phils 3b coach getting ejected

  101. Gonzo says:

    That sucks man. Sarge is good people. Even though he is a bad color guy.

  102. mikeychx says:

    cubs win

    let it all out gonzo

  103. mikeychx says:

    the shark with his first win today?

    wow thought that woulda happened already

  104. Gonzo says:

    I feel numb right now. I don’t even feel this loss.

  105. mikeychx says:

    i hear ya….hopefully the fish can help you guys out tonight though

  106. mikeychx says:

    well boys i am gonna step away from this fucking computer for a while…ill check back in later….thanks for stopping by….great win today

    anyone wanna do the recap – feel free to jump in or else ill do it later

  107. wrigleybear85 says:

    Whats up my fellow Cub Fans!

  108. mikeychx says:

    wrigley…checked in and saw you lef a comment…be sure to be here during the game tomorrow for chatting….dudes are gone for the day…sorry we missed ya

    good win today though

    go cubs

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