Incase You Missed It…

The Cubs are up 2-1 in this four game set v. Philadelphia….they go for the series win today. It is a holiday weekend…traffic has been low…although the game threads remain popular.

Im going to link you up to some recaps from other Cubs blogs as well as some feature posts you may have missed here at 100 Year Itch…

This post will also serve as the game four thread start….I will not be at the start of the thread…this weekend is my Club Championship….I am currently tied for 7th….I will definetly be along about midway through the game….hold down the fort until then, and if you guys dont show up to chat, Ill understand…

In the mean time – here’s what you might have missed….

Another Cubs Blog – Recap and Analysis of Game Three

Do it Yourself Game Three Recap  – Bleed Cubbie Blue

100 Year Itch Featured Posts

See you guys during the game today….have a safe weekend…Drink – But Dont Drive


9 Responses to Incase You Missed It…

  1. Gonzo says:

    Hey buddy. Sorry I missed the game thread yesterday. Brett Myers was awesome, yet the bullpen scared the shit outta me in the 8th inning. I actually walked away from the tv when the bases were loaded. I saw your comments in the thread yesterday. Yes I woulda had a shit fit if we lost yesterday. Rubber match today at 2pm Eastern time (I refuse to acknowledge Thursday night’s game ever happened). Old Man River against Big Z. Good luck Cubbie fans.

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    lets hope sean can get us the series win….

  3. cuban4cubs says:

    slow day for this thread, looks like the cubs will show some more come back magic..

  4. cuban4cubs says:

    sry about my brother ,fukudumbass, but we did let him leave japan for a reason and now you all see why…

  5. cuban4cubs says:

    oh my fucking shit.. called 3rd strike on the riot 2 feet off the plate.. just like yesterday when the cubs start to play they get stopped by the fat mother fucking cock sucker behind the plate.. it might be in the best intrest for the mlb to make sure the cubs cant win the WS.. thus save chitown from being burnt down for a second time..

  6. mikeychx says:

    ok…onmy pds….finished seventhin cc….whatsthe score

  7. cuban4cubs says:

    sup mikey? we have made another pitcher look like a cy young.. got the heart up in the 9th so………… still high off the 70-0 zona win hope to give toledo an ass kicking next week to get ya all on board… the zona zoo that is…

  8. cuban4cubs says:

    holy shit man even with this split the phills owned the cubs made us look bad.. a note on todays game our 1-5 hitters went 3 for 23 with 7 k’s…. that wont win the central with the schedual in september.. now i’m worried….

  9. MikeyCHX says:

    no reason to be worried….i havent turned ont the tv…a split is all good….we lost nothing….

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