So We Split….Big Deal

Today is the final day of the holiday weekend. All of my various sources of entertainment on the internet are basically mailing it in today…much like we have this weekend here at 100 Year Itch.

Cubs lost. To the Phillies I think. We split the series. Click on the Major Media links or go somewhere else if you want a real recap…We had to – We missed the game…first one in a month.

Everyone needs to recharge everynow and then…We needed it now more than ever.

I started the day off yesterday shitting the bed in my Club Championship…three OBs on one hole kind of took me out of the game….a 12 will do that to you. The pain that the 12 caused me was remedied by a healing six pack of Coors Light on the back nine. Eight Coronas were follwed by Five Natty Ice Lites…I felt like I was back in college. Then I remembered that I didn’t go to college. This is when I sat down and woke up seven hours later….thirsty as ever.

So…we didn’t catch the loss yesterday. Not going to pretend we know what happened. We can report with some degree of confidence that since the All Star Break that the Cubs are 9-2-2 in series played. I dont think that ANY team in baseball would not take that kind of a stretch. We have the Astros coming to town today…we are going to try to avoid our first three game home slide of the year.

Becuase it is a holiday weekend, we are on holiday and will be enjoying the game with a recovery beer or two in our hand. Watching…no preview today. We will try to be here chatting the game later. But if we arent  – you are welcome to hang out. Don’t worry about picking up after yourself….we will get the cleaning lady here later. Just turn off the lights when you leave if we are not here.

Enjoy your Labor Day. Thread is under this post for the game.


2 Responses to So We Split….Big Deal

  1. mikeychx says:

    yeah…we have went 11 straight series without a loss….9-0-2

  2. mikeychx says:

    looks like its official for me…i will be at my inlaws….for six to eight hours…man i am bummed because my father in law is a giants fan…so he will be flipping between giants game and pga all day….while i get to chase my kids around and say…nono…grandma doesnt want you to touch that…nono that will break

    big fun

    anyways we are going to try to get a huge group from ESPN over here for tuesdays game…its on WGN…these guys gotta come over ere sooner or later, and when they do I want it to be a big showing. ill get in touch with you guys tomorrow to help spread the word..

    enjoy the rest of the day….enjoy the game

    go cubs

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