They’re Melting

I am officially going on record as saying that I am finally worried. I have been denying it since we lost the series to the Astros….largely because, I really wasnt. But now it is different. Eight out of nine is a little too hard to ignore.

I never have rooted for another team to lose before this week…but I am literally doing that as we speak. As I type this I am watching the Milwaukee game on ESPN Gamecast…and I am hoping the Brewers shit the bed. Notice that I didn’t say that i am rooting for the Reds? I am actually hoping for the Brewers to fuck up…What’s wrong with me?

These are the days that I hate being a Cubs fan.

The Cubs lost a 3-0 lead to Albert Pujols. This guy has got to end up being the 2008 MVP…take him away from the Cards and they would be in the cellar.

Irresponsible journalism ahead……Fuck…..Fucking Fuck Fuck Fuck…

Ill be around to chat the fucking game tomorrow.



7 Responses to They’re Melting

  1. stigs says:

    Mikey, i feel for you man. Monday night, after blowing a 3 run lead to the Reds, i felt suicidal.

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    i would rather be 58-86 then to have been 85-50 and not make the post season.. this is ugly and i’m glad i have missed the past few games. as a die hard cubs fan i have known this was going to happen. fuck the goat, fuck the black cat, fuck alex gonz and bartman this is a new team. this should not happen.. we are going to need big z and harden to save us and pray the crew and phills fall short.. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK in mikey’s words.. you said it all dude, the words of all cubs fans..FUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. TheWisdomCube says:

    You heard it from the Cube. . . a couple of bogus calls by the ump paired with the Cubs gagging away the lead due to it. . . and we are going to see some vintage Lou! I hope he tosses a base into the outfield, kicks his hat, does the hokey-pokey and turns this shitstorm around. . . because that’s what he’s all about right?

  4. mikeychx says:

    somebody needs to do something…joe maddon was talking about the rays last night, but he may as well have been talking about the cubs….they are playing okay…but they just arent hitting….NO SHIT

    theyre making every pitcher they face look like cy young

  5. TheWisdomCube says:

    Or giving us that hot tease of blowing their wad in the first couple innings and sleeping the rest of the game. . . Brewers aren’t going anywhere. . . at least they’ve managed to be a carbon copy of the Cubs. . .

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