Analyze This

In an attempt to calm myself down after my recent tirades, I decided to take a long hard look at what was happening to the Cubs. Part of that involves who we lost to – and why…and the other part involves looking at when the losses occured.

I am not going to bore you with my analyzing what the Cubs did, are doing, or hoping to do other than to lay out the following information. In their last 20 games the Cubs are actually playing .500 baseball….I was shocked too.

Here is the skinny…the last 20 games look like this:


The part that obviously bothers all of us is the six “Ls” in a row…But what if we were to look at this another way….would you be as upset if the last 20 games looked like this:


I know when I looked at it that way I suddenly began to realize that – it is just baseball. With all of that being said, I would still like to see WW on the board after today…as in two in a row.

I know you guys have probably all seen the ESPN video about Cubs fans by now…but it got me thinking. Since 1908 only 22 teams have won the World Series…is this true? According to Baseball Reference it is…here are the totals from Wikipedia if you don’t want to count it up.

Here is the text of the ESPN video…incase you want to read it for yourself:

The frst thing people want to know is…Why? But you don’t choose who you love.

The Ivy…The Scoreboard…Banks and Santo…Sandberg and Grace…

We never had a chance. We know its been a hundred years since the last World Series Championship. We know that was before the Titanic, Harry Caray, and even Wrigley Field. We share each others pain…WE share that empty feeling in our stomachs.

Be it from a black cat in 69, the ball rolling through Durham’s legs in 84, or in 2003….FIVE OUTs from the World Series. A fan named Bartman, a shortstop named Gonzalez, and a pitcher named Prior.

They call us losers. But we already know that 22 teams have won the World Series since 1908….Including the Yankees, 26 times. Yet we still believe it’s gonna happen…maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe in 50 years….whenever…We’ll wait. We’ll wait for our parents, their parents, and anyone else who has ever cheered for the Cubs…and when our time here runs out…our kids will wait for us. We believe in dreams, we believe in hope, we believe in loyalty….we believe in our Chicago Cubs.

Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…


34 Responses to Analyze This

  1. mikeychx says:

    well boys and girls…we are here to chat up this game tonight…big fun…call and tell all of yoiur friends

    i am here and ready to chat it up…especially because the espn boards are so effing slow

  2. 1cubfan2002 says:

    i agree with what you said mikey…we are hooked!

  3. Larry says:

    Mikey – good to post the text. I could not add a thing to that video. It encapsulates the feelings I have for every Cub games I have attended, watched on TV, listened to on radio and followed on the computer or just plain missed. Beautiful!!

  4. Larry says:

    hey, 1cubfan – no gutter talk tonight!! lol

  5. mikeychx says:

    no problem larry…it only took me like five minutes to type it up…no biggie

  6. Larry says:

    I couldn’t believe the big douche that thought you were going off on some melodramatic rant. What a fool!!

  7. mikeychx says:

    im not suprised really…and deep down…i dont think you really are ether

  8. Larry says:

    Lil’ Babe almost went yard on that one.

  9. mikeychx says:

    quiet before the storm was the six game skid?

  10. Larry says:

    Yeah, c’mon Reed, bring him to the plate

  11. Larry says:

    If we can get 1 more run this inning, we have 3 more shots at the stellar St Louis BP. Of course, ours has been a little lame lately too.

  12. mikeychx says:

    harden rested up nicely though huh?

  13. Larry says:

    Harden seems sharp & I have nearly all of ESPN eating ice cream!! Enjoy the Heineken!!

  14. mikeychx says:

    time to get harden out..after this though…brewers lose

  15. Larry says:

    That’s good the Brewers lost, but the Cubs need to nail this one down!!

  16. mikeychx says:

    MAGIC NUMBER @ 12 though

  17. Larry says:

    It should be in single digits but it’s good to see it shrink because MIL has been feeling the pressure as well.

  18. mikeychx says:

    realistically with the way the brewers have played…we should be up 10

  19. Larry says:

    A 10 game lead would both realistic and nice. I can’t stand to watch Pujols. Let me know when it’s over.

  20. Larry says:

    Marmol, do the job tonight. Cubs BP has been awful lately

  21. Larry says:

    OK, it should be over by now. I’m going to look. I’ll be back if they retired him. If he drove in a run, bedtime for me.

  22. mikeychx says:

    soriano just made up for those errors from earlier in the month

  23. Larry says:

    Whew, still here!!

  24. mikeychx says:

    have you heard from bo?

  25. Larry says:

    Bo has a habit of doing disappearing acts. We got really concerned about him about 3-4 months ago because he promised he wouldn’t go MIA without letting us know what was going on. He didn’t and a very close friend finally asked me to contact the police to do a welfare check. He was that worried. To make a long story short, Bo disappears for periods of time and then resurfaces. I did notice this time he has taken his profile off ESPN. I have decided that if/when he comes back, he comes back. Bo is a vet – served in Iraq and Afghan – and says he has post traumatic stress disorder. Just take him for what he is. There is a little too much drama in his life for my liking but I can deal with it since he’s just another Cub fan.

  26. mikeychx says:

    i talk to him on the phone every now and then..but my last three calls havent been answered / returned

  27. Larry says:

    Sounds par for the course. I have had the same experience with both phone & email. I don’t go out of my way anymore. I did not want to say anything when you started the site in the event he had turned over a new leaf. He claims that periodically as well. You just have to take him as he is and don’t depend on him to watch your back on anything – he may not be there!!

  28. Larry says:

    C’mon DLee, turn the wheel

  29. Larry says:

    Grab the arm rests and hold on. The 9th has been an adventure lately. How about 1-2-3, no walks, no HBP, no drop 3rd strikes that roll to the backstop, etc, etc. Just put the save up, get the W and dropp the # to 11.

  30. mikeychx says:

    well most of the guys on the boards have been invited as authors

    bhawks, illinifaniwek and others

    so far miketatham (not always around), wisodom cube, man in the box, and boze have donre the most work

    but you, 1cub, boze, and cuban for cubs have been the best “customers”

    we were getting 200-300 comments a game for a while

  31. mikeychx says:


  32. mikeychx says:



    thanks for stopping by larry…hope to see you tomo

  33. Larry says:

    Whew — we could have lost this game at 3 different ways!! 2 in a row. Let’s roll on to the division, boys.

  34. Larry says:

    I don’t think there will be a game tomorrow, but if there is, I’ll be here. G’night!! And it is indeed SWEEEEET!!

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