Baseball @ Wrigley North

The Cubs return to action tonight after hurricane ike displaced thier series wth the Houston Astros to Milwaukee, WI….just 90 miles north of Wrigley Field. Though the Astros will bat as the “home team” the decided advantage lies with the Cubs. The Cubs have won their last five at Miller Park including a four game sweep of the Brewers to close out the month of July. The Astros however are going for their seventh straight aginst the Cubs.

Hurricane Ike may have been a momentum killer for the Astros who were on a tear and won 14 out their last 15 games, while the Cubs had been struggling.  One Cub in particular, Carlos Zambrano had issues as of late including a missed start with shoulder tendenitis. Zambrano has had a 12 day layoff and should be rested and ready to take on Randy Wolf.

The Brewers will find themselves in an unfamiliar position of rooting for the Cubs in their own stadium. What ever you want to call what the Cubs have been doing lately with your choice of one of the “c” words, you have to classify what the Brewers have been doing as “c”  squared. They have let everyone including the Astros back into the Wild Card race in the NL. The Astros sit just two back, whereas they were 11 games back on August 27…just 18 days ago.

The Cubs magic number is down to 10 for the division and 8 for the wild card. As we have said before…Sunday is a tough day for us to chat, but we will try to check in later on the PDA to see if anyone is here. But, between flipping between football, baseball, and NASCAR and juggling family responsibilities (today is my daughter Sarhah’s first birthday…Happy Birthday Sarah!) we are more inclined to say enjoy your weekend…hopefully the game on Monday is actually shown on WGN.

Go Cubs.


17 Responses to Baseball @ Wrigley North

  1. mikeychx says:

    I am actually feeling a little bad for the brewers right now

  2. Larry says:

    I’m here and I don’t feel a bit of pity for them. The magic # is currently 9 and could be 7 when the night is over. Let’s take care of business Cubs and if the Brewers want to help us while loaning out their stadium, that’s fine with me!! Philly has been killing the Brew Crew. I’m just glad we get to play again!!

  3. Larry says:

    Good for Derek. A couple more runs are most welcome

  4. Larry says:

    That had to be close for ARAM

  5. cuban4cubs says:

    sup guys long time no chat..

  6. cuban4cubs says:

    wow big z is going for history!!! he is on fire…

  7. Larry says:

    Some one on the ESPN board mentioned Howry was released. Roster still shows him as part of the team. Wishful thinking or did something happen??

  8. cuban4cubs says:

    wit that dp that makes 12 up 12 down for big z

  9. Larry says:

    No hits thru 5

  10. Larry says:

    Headed to the bootom of the 7th. 9 outs to go. Need quick innings all the way around. Trot him out there and get ‘er done!!

  11. cuban4cubs says:

    shh larry never say those words when its going on.. i’ll let it slide cause he got past the 7th shhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Larry says:

    5 outs to go. Is anyone out here or am I nervous by myself??

  13. Larry says:

    3 outs to go, boys. C’mon Big Z

  14. cuban4cubs says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. cuban4cubs says:

    the rest helped big Z ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Larry says:

    CUBS – Completely Unhittable in Brewers Stadium. Way to go, Carlos. Congratulations!!

  17. Larry says:

    The kick we needed to get over the hump?? Let’s hope so.

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