Carlos Zambrano No Hits the Astros

First of all…regardless of where it happened…Congrats to Zambrano for the no-no….It is a nice footnote to the season…the first Cubs no-no since I was born when Milt Pappas got screwed out of a perfect game. All in all great outing…nice to see – fun to watch….If you havent heard or seen it Just go to ESPN – Its on like every five minutes

Since I am not a pink hat wearing Cubs fan I will give you the following…… 

  • The Astros got screwed with the selection of the venue…Even the Brewers know Miller Park is Wrigley Field North
  • The Cubs are 4-0 at Miller this Year while the Astros are 3-6
  • I along with many other Cub fans was delighted to have the game played just 90 miles from Chicago
  • I am pretty sure if I lived in Houston and my family was back there dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane – I wouldnt be all that locked in to play baseball
  • Pretty much nothing but Cubs fan in the stands for a “home game” cant bode well for the home team

 With all of this being said

  • Dont blame the Cubs for another terrible Bud Seileg decision
  • A No hitter is a no hitter no matter where it is
  • Home field advantage meant nothing a week or two ago when the Astro swept the Cubs at their real home
  • If the Astros won this game we wouldnt be having this conversation

/ Its Science


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