The Magic Number Remains at….

Yeah…we lost the game last night 6-2 to the Brewers. But the fun thing about magic numbers is that they cant go up. Magic number remains stuck at 4 while the dividion lead is 8. Another game this afternoon at Wrigley v. the Brew Crew. Dave Bush ging for the Brewers….Rich Harden for the home team.

See you here for the chat in a little while.


151 Responses to The Magic Number Remains at….

  1. mikeychx says:

    chat? maybe….

    i will be checking in consistently throughout the game\

    go cubs

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    sup people.. how does it feel to live in a nation were people dont feel the need to respect the athem? in japan if someone pulled a stunt like that, lets just say he or she would never find a job again even if they was a great star.. sad shit.. now obama is fucked,thanks to howard, what a crock of shit.. so its game time soon go cubs…

  3. mikeychx says:

    fucking josh howard…i dont celebrate that shit….he should be kicked out of the fucking country…each dollar of his millions has USA on it…fucking ignorant bitch

  4. mikeychx says:

    but anyways…glad to see ya here again…what american piece of shit did you translate for this week?

  5. cuban4cubs says:

    what is so fucking shitty is he put the whole black race in it.. did you see all the guys walking around and shooting the shit with out a care.. it was every person on that field shiting on the anthem.. cant wait to see his first game.. he will be shit on by the american people…

  6. mikeychx says:

    yeah…41 games of getting booed everytime you touch the ball….i wonder how dalls will react…harsh at first, but after he does something clutch?

    wait and see

  7. cuban4cubs says:

    no bad peeps this week, like i said my week doing the news.. helping usa and japan swap shit.. and with the huricane aftermath its been busy..

  8. mikeychx says:

    how much josh howard stuff went through…and what was the reaction

  9. cuban4cubs says:

    his story was more of disbelief.. and the usa asked that we not put that on the press that it would be on the net.. dont know how many newspapers will listen…

  10. mikeychx says:

    im guessing howard will never play on an olympic team…man I cant wait to watch him get booed…that shit pisses me off

  11. cuban4cubs says:

    wow 38 pitches for harden and one across.. hope our bats are up to the task, looks to be a long outinf for the cubs pen.. that means we have to score runs!!

  12. mikeychx says:

    pen hasnt been used alot lately anyways so…they probably need to get the work in

  13. cuban4cubs says:

    well shit this looks bad.. like lou said seems like we are waiting to get beat.. i know its only the first inning!!!

  14. mikeychx says:

    its only one run..itll be fine

  15. mikeychx says:

    you working right now…or drinking a beer/?

  16. cuban4cubs says:

    i have a 4 day weekend friday to monday and its 4 am friday, its beer time.. so yes i’m a bit cozy now…

  17. cuban4cubs says:

    JIMMY!!!!! is the box score right no hits for the crew.. they small balled the run in after a few walks?

  18. mikeychx says:


    holy shit 4am…what kind of beer ya drinking….because its only noon here in southern california

  19. cuban4cubs says:

    um i cant see the label to clear..LOL!! just asahi japanese beer, kinda like amber bach.. but when you mix it with sake its so fucking good.. almost like a bloody marry minus the juice and way mor drunk medication…

  20. mikeychx says:

    i know asahi an kirin very well…you know we eat sushi for dinner and not as a delicacy right?

  21. cuban4cubs says:

    like i told you i lived in the states for 5 years and let me tell you that shit you all call sushi its not… i hate sushi so fuckin much but when i saw it in the states i never wanted the real thing so bad… and your chinese food, what the fuck is that not even close to any dish i have ever seen.. dont get me wrong i can eat me the fuck out of some general so’s chicken or beef.. but i never heard about this general in these parts..

  22. mikeychx says:

    whats the difference

    me personally i love sashimi…and one of my korean friends actaully got me to try and actually like kimchi….but what is the diff in sushi?

  23. cuban4cubs says:

    wow, Z wit a no hitter, lilly took it to the 7th now harden to the 5th.. his pitch count is at 83 after 4 lou is in a bit of a spot…

  24. mikeychx says:

    you cant let rich harden go nine innings

  25. cuban4cubs says:

    manny people think sushi is raw fish, its not…. its the rice and the diffrent flavors.. not all sushi has fish… sashimi is slitly cooked fish witch came about from the usa.. the japanese know raw fish is not big in the states so they cook it a little to take away the slime feel.. now that shit is good…

  26. cuban4cubs says:

    not manny, many.. got his punk ass in my head….

  27. mikeychx says:

    so in japan…sushi is chiefly about the rice?

    i love raw fish too…but nothing better than seared ahi tuna

    2-1 good guys

  28. cuban4cubs says:

    yes the rice and the oil they put on the rice is what truley makes sushi… and dont know if you all have it in cali but sweet sushi is the shit no fish in that….. TUNA ummm… fukudumb at 259 and falling…

  29. mikeychx says:

    my wife eats veggie sushi…no fish…all veggies rice and seaweed

  30. cuban4cubs says:

    next time you all are at a sushi joint try some japanese…. nori (seaweed) cudi( cuecumber) dont know if thats what she likes but cuecumber sushi is the heat over here…

  31. mikeychx says:

    ok…no hitter gone…get someone up in the bp

  32. mikeychx says:

    that is exactly what she eats…

  33. cuban4cubs says:

    hit, that makes it easy on lou…

  34. mikeychx says:

    samardzija and cotts up in the bp

  35. mikeychx says:


    sounds of ryan braun chocking

  36. mikeychx says:

    fucking amazing….harden is

  37. cuban4cubs says:

    aahhhhhh close one… thanks harden for the lead.. next!!!!!!!

  38. cuban4cubs says:

    this typhoon season is never ending every week we get hit.. thank god its not a huricane cause we would be off the map if so….

  39. mikeychx says:

    i grew up in florida…many hurricanes uin my life

  40. mikeychx says:

    translate for me

    kosuke…you are a power hitter…remember?

  41. cuban4cubs says:

    a typhoon is like a tropical storm with some gusts of wind.. some times we get a big one that would be like a cat 3 huricane.. still packs a punch… but nothing like a cat 5… the rain is the big thing most of the time…

  42. cuban4cubs says:

    fukudumb was not a tru power hitter.. there are six teams in each league with over 100 games vs your own league.. thus you only play 5 teams, 3 of them are crap most of the time.. its never more then a 3 team race. so you play 3 shit teams 60% of the time.. duriing this time fukudumb would feast.. then came the big games vs the top teams.. well fukudumb’s bat never mad it to those games.. chunichii won while he was on the DL so he had no part in the title….

  43. mikeychx says:

    how many fucking boots on potential dps is that this year……ive seen at least four

  44. cuban4cubs says:

    and we have turned our fare share…

  45. cuban4cubs says:


  46. cuban4cubs says:

    can we pitch an inning under 20 pitches?

  47. mikeychx says:

    well…we still have half the game left for us…12 more outs

  48. cuban4cubs says:

    this is bad.. our pen has gave up 1 our more runs every time the have played since the last win over the phills..

  49. cuban4cubs says:

    randy wells? time for hardy to break out.. glad we have the cards next should win 2 out of 3…

  50. mikeychx says:

    ok this is getting fucking ridiculous

  51. cuban4cubs says:

    we eked out the five game win streak and 2 of those game was vs the stros who dont want to play baseball cause they think they are the only people in houston that got hit by ike.. sorry for the run on sentence..

  52. mikeychx says:

    123…hmm..hope we arent getting dis interested

  53. cuban4cubs says:

    thats what makes it so bad.. the crew are slumping worse then us and we cant get out of an inning under 25 pitches.. they get 5 and six pitch innings.. why do we give up so much as of late?

  54. cuban4cubs says:

    counsell 7 pitch at bat, cubs bats see six for three outs…

  55. cuban4cubs says:

    holy shit.. all i had to do was bitch.. first inning under 20 pitches for the cubs.. its a start..

  56. cuban4cubs says:

    yess gaggme is in we gotta score one!!

  57. mikeychx says:

    gag knee is in…so hopefully we get it going

  58. cuban4cubs says:

    this is fucking bull shit i cant fucking watch this shit.. 4 pitch inning for gaggme and his 6.25 era that makes 8 pitsches over 2 innins for the crew’s pen!!

  59. mikeychx says:

    you gert the feeling that these guys are mailing it in right now…hope they prove me wrong

  60. cuban4cubs says:

    this is not what i wanted to get drunk too.. know what do i do with this buzz? LOL

  61. mikeychx says:

    all of this because of a booted double play…i hate giving extra outs away

  62. cuban4cubs says:

    yes i watched that 6 pitch inning for wells.. this guy is nice.. take away that walk and he is perfect…

  63. mikeychx says:

    wow…dont even know what to say

  64. cuban4cubs says:

    sori sori sori

  65. mikeychx says:

    how did fontenot nnot go to 2nd there…fuck

  66. mikeychx says:

    thats right…just bail the mother fuckers out by swinging at shit

  67. cuban4cubs says:

    fuck me sori goes 6 for 10 then 2 for 20 so inconsistant

  68. cuban4cubs says:

    its ok keep it at a 3 run lead and we have a chance with the heart due up in the 9th..

  69. mikeychx says:

    three more outs…derosa…lee…ramirez…any thoughts?

  70. mikeychx says:

    what the fuck was that?

  71. mikeychx says:

    now they are bailing us out

  72. cuban4cubs says:

    fuck, shit, cock, ass how the fuck do we win in miller park vs the crew and lose in wrigley?

  73. mikeychx says:

    theriot, lee, rammie….rub my lucky coins together

  74. cuban4cubs says:

    what? what went down? 1st and 3rd no outs then 1 run 2 outs.. what happend?

  75. mikeychx says:

    throw out at the plate…and then throw out trying to advance on a passed ball @ 3rd

  76. mikeychx says:

    well thats pretty much the ball game

  77. cuban4cubs says:

    2 out rally, shit dero soto and fuku have no hits..

  78. cuban4cubs says:

    come on soto tie it wit a homer.. ROY!!!!

  79. mikeychx says:

    fuckkkkkk yessss

    the pac yllar worked

  80. cuban4cubs says:

    holy shit i called it you heard it here yessssss!!!!

  81. mikeychx says:

    rookie of the year is locked up now i would have to say

  82. mikeychx says:

    all because braun got lazy

  83. mikeychx says:

    i have this big shit eating grin on my face

  84. cuban4cubs says:

    i will say sorry for our guy ending the rally we dont claim him he just has japanese parents.. no (LOL) on that one dont care for him as much as you all do!!!

  85. mikeychx says:

    i could care less about him actually…if he hits fine…but i would rather see reed johnson out there all of the time

  86. mikeychx says:

    i cant remember a meaningful fukudome hit since openeing day HR

  87. cuban4cubs says:

    i’m gonna call it now the cubs have big mo on their side they will end it in the bottom of the 10th…

  88. mikeychx says:

    i got your back on that

  89. cuban4cubs says:

    even that hr on opening day only tied it and the lost so he did not win it so in the long run it meant nothing..

  90. mikeychx says:

    my thoughts exactly…so far it has been a nice experiment…but he has turned out to be hideki irabu to instead of hideki matsui

  91. cuban4cubs says:

    i love how we was so pissed in the 6th, 7th, and 8th and now we are sucking there dicks.. i want that world series so bad i can taste it…

  92. mikeychx says:

    so…how are you watching the game?

  93. cuban4cubs says:

    no its on local tv but when they are not on i watch it from

  94. mikeychx says:

    so can you watch that here in the us too?

    what channel on asn?

  95. cuban4cubs says:

    yeah its a good site they do nfl as well.. i watch college from and nba as well.. but our satilite does nba season pacs.. the only mlb pac is skanks and red cocks.. i used to like the red cocks in the al till they became the only games we could see on tv now i fuckin hate them..

  96. mikeychx says:

    so what channel are the cubs on…i know a couple of people who dont have who would love to see the games

  97. cuban4cubs says:

    skerry wood, he makes me close my eyes..

  98. cuban4cubs says:

    asn gives you a tvants link and it usualy is good.. its like what you got.. they show all mlb games just check the community forum and it will give you links and shed off games in every sport..

  99. mikeychx says:

    thats fucking HHHHUUUUGGGGE

    K the side

  100. cuban4cubs says:

    asn gives you a tvants link and it usualy is good..

  101. cuban4cubs says:

    what happened, the submit shit went crazy on me??

  102. mikeychx says:

    d lee….come on with the swing…

  103. mikeychx says:

    dont know…wordpress has been slowe today

  104. mikeychx says:

    ararmis ramirez time

  105. cuban4cubs says:

    0-5 for our star.

  106. mikeychx says:

    everyones swining for the fences….just get on base already

  107. cuban4cubs says:

    jimmy was 100% right to bitch those strikes were not strikes…

  108. mikeychx says:

    they showed both pitches here on replay…confirmed both a foot off the plate

  109. mikeychx says:

    did they show k zone for you too?

  110. cuban4cubs says:

    rapuano is the ump lou went off on last year.. this guy hates lou…

  111. mikeychx says:

    pie hr would be funny

  112. cuban4cubs says:

    yes our comentators are going crazy.. it was not close..

  113. mikeychx says:


    and SOTO too

  114. cuban4cubs says:

    ROY time…

  115. cuban4cubs says:

    shit i dont know how much longer i can stay up i’m fucking wasted and its near 7 am..

  116. mikeychx says:

    shit…oh well cracked open a heineken…so its relax time

  117. cuban4cubs says:

    my girl will wake up for work in a few min.. yes i grew up and asked my best main stay to get closer.. lucky for me i did not wait to long..

  118. mikeychx says:

    sleep the morning away work?

  119. mikeychx says:

    why was she goingt o leave soon?

  120. cuban4cubs says:

    i dont know but we have been off and on for 5 years and she has said many times that if i cant grow up and see whats in front of me she will one day not come to my call.. i did not want to lose this one.. like i said she is the family type not the club slut..

  121. mikeychx says:

    wow…how many bonehead moves on the base today for the brewers?

  122. cuban4cubs says:

    skerry wood at his best…

  123. mikeychx says:

    well if youre happy…i am happy for you

  124. stigs says:

    unfucking believable. 2 hits right at those assholes.

  125. stigs says:

    lots of bonehead baserunning moves. it’s making me sick.

  126. mikeychx says:

    i know…im feeling for ya man…fucking braun gave it away in the ninth

  127. mikeychx says:

    i think 4 or 5 baserunning mistakes right?

    but then again derosa booting that double play gave up 4 runs too after what should have been end of inning

  128. stigs says:

    i didn’t get to see that. i got in my car to hear them saying something about ball hitting the turf and getting to the wall. then single, single, home run (i think that’s how it went off the top of my head).

  129. mikeychx says:

    same location as the edmonds pitches

  130. mikeychx says:

    hardy needs to go to baserunning 101 though

  131. stigs says:

    i can count at least 4. true about derosa booting that ball. but that is a physical error. that shit happens. 4 baserunning errors are mental. there should be no excuse for that.

  132. stigs says:

    that looked like strike 3 to Ward. even he knew it.

  133. mikeychx says:

    thats true…i gotta give that to ya for sure

    right call walking sori here too…

    wish they wernt but i can t boo it

  134. stigs says:

    is Marquis pinch running?

  135. mikeychx says:

    wars pitch on k zone was a foot off…but rapuano called two in the same spot to edmonds…edmonds bitched and got ejected…he strike zone has been fucking skewed all day…but consistent

  136. mikeychx says:

    derrek lee with a meaningful hit…i think im going to go get drunk to celebrate that

  137. stigs says:

    man, fucking a. that hurts.

  138. cuban4cubs says:

    yesssssssss sry dude dozed off for a few min then the croud woke me up..1st hit for lee is the winner.. sup stigs glad we got another poster..

  139. mikeychx says:

    when do the phillies play?

  140. mikeychx says:

    no prob…magic nnmber is @2

    back up to 9 in the division

  141. cuban4cubs says:

    mikey see you tomo when we lock up a playoff spot.. also zona comes to your neck of the woods to hand the bruins a thrashing…

  142. mikeychx says:

    all right cuban….i guess ill see you tomorrow when we get to one or clinch…im out dude

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