Because You Said So…The Magic Number Is….



5 Responses to Because You Said So…The Magic Number Is….

  1. mikeychx says:

    congrats to the cubs and to all cub fans…taking the day off today form the computer…going to go watch the ryder cup and take the boat out for a few hours

    i tivied the happenings yesterday…thta was alot of fun to watch (twice)

    cubs regulars need to rest…lets get it all lined up for october

    magic number is 11 now…thats the only number that matters

    let me know if you stopped by with a quick comment….enjoy the win…enjoy the rest of the day

    go cubs

  2. Larry says:

    Have a great day, Mikey …. enjoy the golf and the time on the boat. It’s good to know the Cubs can play with their position in the playoffs secure. Don’t think that last game against the Astros will matter one little bit. EAMUS CATULI!!

  3. Larry says:

    “Leo Hildebrand, 104-year-old Cubs fan who lives in nearby Bensenville, threw out the first pitch” against the Cards onSaturday.


  4. Larry says:

    What a day at the Ryder Cup!! Cubs win again and need 1 more win to secure home field advantage throughout the NL Playoffs.

    Found a link that brings to life all the trolls on the ESPN board ……….

  5. Larry says:

    9/22/08 – Taking a night off like the Mets??? LOL

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