Cubs @ Mets Game Two Chat

Sweet relief.

  • Division – Clinched….
  • Best Record – Clinched.

It was nice to spend a day or two away from the computer knowing that all is aligned in Cubs Nation. I couldnt stay away forever though.

Sean Marshall is taking the bump for the Cubs tonight…nice to have the luxury of looking ahead and getting our rotation set up for the post season isnt it. Marshall faces Johan Santana and the desperate Mets.

This is a game that screams Mets victory. Which is why the Cubs have a great chance to win again. Will the Mets press? Will the Brewers win? Its nice not to care who wins or loses. We will be watching all o’ the races tonight. On behalf of Cubs fans everywhere…Go Twins!

See ya at the first pitch…


15 Responses to Cubs @ Mets Game Two Chat

  1. mikeychx says:

    go cubs….go twins

  2. Larry says:

    Hey, Mikey – good win for the Cubs last night and a good start tonight. I’m a little late checking in – used to the central time starts. DUH!!

  3. mikeychx says:

    i wish that cuban was here…you can actually get a feed from japan to watch for free…it has subtitles…but its in english…hopefully he shows up…thanks for checking in over the last couple

  4. Larry says:

    If you get that site, please pass along. Thanks.

  5. mikeychx says:

    hope cuban shows up…i will

  6. Larry says:

    cheauxvairre (Less than a minute ago) MikeyCHX (9 minutes ago) Report Violation anyone (cubs fans) not agree that our team mvp is derosa?

    No question od DeRo’s value, but I still think the combo of Johnson and Edmonds has to be given very strong consideration. Otherwise it was a season of Felix Pie and I don’t think that leaves us in the position we’re in today.

  7. mikeychx says:

    chad god dam is fucking up

  8. Larry says:

    Not any more. He has HowryCottsopotamia. It’s a relief pitchers malady

  9. mikeychx says:

    its nice not to give a fuck whether or not we win or lose huh?

  10. cuban4cubs says:

    sup honky’s

  11. mikeychx says:

    sup cuban…slow night tonight

    amazing santanas still in the game @ 122 pitches

  12. cuban4cubs says:

    we need soto to pinch hit a homer

  13. Larry says:

    Hey cuban – do you have a link to Japanese baseball that covers the Cubs?

  14. Larry says:

    Check ya tomorrow night. I’ll try and be on time!!

  15. cuban4cubs says:

    no japanese link i use but a few times a week they are on local tv.. as for the red sox a skanks they are on all 162 games.. thats our mlb package.. they black out all others on and tell me to by the japanese one.. i tell them to offer me one with real mlb teams not ones that buy the rings and flaunt them like they built a team with the farm league.. fucking ass holes in marketing are fuckin gay as shit..

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