Cubs @ Mets Game Three Chat

Analyze ….shamanalyze.

Do we kill the Mets chances tonight? I like the chances with Big Z. It would be nice to see him dominate again. Zambrano goes against Oliver Perez tonight at Shea.

Before, during, or after the game…be sure to read this story.

By the way…we arent mailing it in this week…even though it may seem that way. We are getting stories ready for the postseason. No nail biting and hanging on every pitch helps us do that. Remember once the postseason starts the trolling will be at an all time high because there will be 24 other teams eliminated from the post season. Those 24 other fan bases will be fucking with someone…I am guessing its us. Just remember the safe haven that is 100 Year Itch.

See you during the game…


132 Responses to Cubs @ Mets Game Three Chat

  1. mikeychx says:

    all right boys…we are here ready to watch the Cubs sink the Mets….


  2. mikeychx says:

    nice for everyone to be able to chat with the game on espn…everyone gets to see

  3. cuban4cubs says:

    go big Z

  4. Larry says:

    EAMUS CATULI – Z looks very sharp, but 5, 6 innings max tonight

  5. Larry says:

    cuban, you still here?

  6. mikeychx says:

    big z auditioning for nlds starter… i like demp strating though

  7. Larry says:

    Fellas want to build the lead!! Mikey, did you get the jpeg of the troll?

  8. mikeychx says:

    did you guys read that linked story

  9. mikeychx says:

    email? or espn account?

    if you are talking a few weeks ago ..yeah

  10. mikeychx says:

    i like lee not hitting grounders now….ill take fly outs…especially with men on….

  11. cuban4cubs says:

    cuban is here!!!

  12. mikeychx says:

    did you two sort out the asn thing

  13. mikeychx says:

    cuban…have you out drank me yet?

  14. cuban4cubs says: the game is on here larry, its sny feed…

  15. mikeychx says:

    bases loaded for dero…come on baby

  16. cuban4cubs says: game is here larry…

  17. cuban4cubs says:

    yo larry cubs sny link

  18. mikeychx says:

    well….bill murray was entertaining at least

  19. cuban4cubs says:

    mikey it wont let me post link for larry

  20. Larry says:

    Just type it out and I’ll take it from there

  21. Larry says:

    Mets fans got a little excited there……

  22. cuban4cubs says:

    no drinking today still fucked up from last night.. i went to champions league (asia) last night and we won to go to the best 4.. japan has 2 of the 4 teams in…

  23. Larry says:

    No need to worry about 2 no-hitters!!

  24. mikeychx says:

    hang on its prob ion moderation

  25. cuban4cubs says:

    larry do you have tvants ?

  26. mikeychx says:

    yeah…not in oderation….dont know why it wouldnt let you post

  27. mikeychx says:

    oooo. atl on top of philly

  28. cuban4cubs says:

  29. mikeychx says:

    is that the link for every cubs game…thats fucking sweet

  30. mikeychx says:

    game is on espn here tonight

  31. Larry says:

    Bun of a sitch!!

    Major Leaguers with 4 HR’s in a game – does not include Schmidt because he did it in extra innings. All these are 9 inning games.

    Rocky Colavito, Cleveland; 4 06-10-1959
    Mike Cameron; Seattle; 05-02-2002
    Carlos Delgado; Toronto; 09-25-2003
    Lou Gehrig; New York; 06-03-1932

    Joe Adcock; Milwaukee; 4 07-31-1954
    Ed Delahanty; Philadelphia; 07-13-1896
    Shawn Green; Los Angeles; 05-23-2002
    Gil Hodges; Brooklyn; 08-31-1950
    Bob Horner; Atlanta; 07-06-1986
    Bobby Lowe; Boston; 05-30-1894
    Willie Mays; San Francisco; 04-30-1961
    Mark Whiten;St. Louis; 09-07-1993

  32. Larry says:

    Yeah, Philly is tanking!! I’m going to check out the link.

  33. mikeychx says:

    come on z…settle the fuck down

  34. cuban4cubs says:

    did you try the link mikey? thats the mets link!!! cubs link on allsportsnation by tvants but when they play the mets rookyclub picks it up…

  35. mikeychx says:

    inning needs to be over…i need a beer…31 pitches….shit

  36. mikeychx says:

    well…we prob need to get a few links for the next few…i am good i got…but larry needs some help…we do have two on wgn coming up

  37. mikeychx says:


    zambrano is a head case right now

  38. mikeychx says:

    all of that shit with two outs

  39. Larry says:

    Cool site….but I saw something I REALLY DID NOT LIKE!! Cubs will need to score some rus now. 3 straight freakin’ walks

  40. cuban4cubs says:

    not Z’s fault the ump is fucking him because of the venenzuala and russia teaming up vs the usa…

  41. cuban4cubs says:

    what did you not like larry that ass hole that said that shit on Z’s mom?

  42. mikeychx says:

    haha..i dont know why i am upset…i guess i have a soft spot for the brewers for the WC…that ensures us playing the dodgers…other wise we have to see these fucks again

  43. mikeychx says:

    anyone have a pitch count on perez

  44. Larry says:

    cuban this site is great!! Not much lag time at all. – about 1 pitch behind live action. Thanks!! They take the feed straight from MLB.TV!! Might want to keep the lid on this except for a trusted few so MLB doesn’t get wise. They will eventually anyway, but it will be good while it lasts.

  45. mikeychx says:

    70 pitches coming up for perez…we get the bullpen soon

  46. mikeychx says:

    i knew that would make you happy larry

  47. cuban4cubs says:

    now what do you think about Z and his spot in the playoff rotation? i think he should be the 4th if needed!!!!

  48. mikeychx says:

    i say save him for NLCS…but that requires assuming…and you knw what assuming does for you

  49. Larry says:

    cuban – he will be no better than 3rd, but I would be inclined to open with Demp, Lilly and Harden

  50. cuban4cubs says:

    makes us asses like drunk americans fucking up my weekends…

  51. Larry says:

    if you say so!!

  52. mikeychx says:

    its nice when zambrano is your fourth option

    marshall and the all of a sudden marquis….no howry (please) cotts…samardzija, marmol, and woody…yikes

  53. mikeychx says:

    zambrano fucking up with out soto in the game imo

  54. cuban4cubs says:

    i blame it on the jap!!! fukudumb!!!LOL, i can say jap like blacks can say ni……

  55. mikeychx says:

    82 pitches now ofr perez…only a matter of time before we get to the pen

  56. mikeychx says:

    back in 10…gotta eat

  57. cuban4cubs says:

    dont want to go into the playoffs with a bad streak

  58. cuban4cubs says:

    hahahahaha yesssss

  59. Larry says:

    Brand new ball game – top of the 5th, baby!!

  60. mikeychx says:

    its te eating thing…larry always gets the cubs to score by eating…i guess it was my turn

  61. Larry says:

    cuban – late getting back to you but when I was checking out rooky site, I saw the grand slam by Delgado!!

  62. Larry says:

    Yeah, I said top of the 5th – that might have been on ESPN. New ball game and the underbelly of the NY bullpen. Then again, ours has not been too stellar either.

  63. Larry says:

    What happened to DeRosa?? There is a guy we cannot lose.

  64. Larry says:

    One more baserunner and Z is gone.

  65. mikeychx says:

    is it me or has the umiprining getting a little shitty lately…not really talking about zambrano so much…but in general

  66. Larry says:

    There have been some horrible guys working the plate and questionable calls on the bases. Give Ed Hochuli a shot.

    Can you believe the NFL cut his pay just because he admitted a mistake??

    Take Zambrano out

  67. cuban4cubs says:

    love a bj when the cubs are on then some eggs and bacon to top it off

  68. Larry says:

    Keep pitching like this and you won’t be the only one wanting to hit you in the head

  69. mikeychx says:

    fucking lucky bitch …. cuban

  70. mikeychx says:

    i loveeggs and bacon….haha

  71. cuban4cubs says:

    i know man eggs and bacon, cant beat that shit …lol…

  72. mikeychx says:

    bacon and eggs

    youre living the life man

  73. cuban4cubs says:

    no man no the game is lagging so i get 5 sec then buffer

  74. mikeychx says:

    funny…espn is talking about all the guys lou is sitting

    howry and fukudome…and even making note of zambranos struggling and not starting game one of the NLDS

    waiting for an update on DERO too

  75. cuban4cubs says:

    shit now that larry said would shut the site down they may have all game have froze.. larry works for them he fucked me…lol…

  76. mikeychx says:

    nah…they would have to tell me to take down the cubs logo first…i think it may be illegal, i dunno

  77. Larry says:

    calf sprain on DeRo – status is day to day

    Did the site puke?

  78. mikeychx says:

    not a sprain…calf STRAIN…hell be fine

  79. cuban4cubs says:

    site back up on

  80. Larry says:

    cuban – do they move it around regularly? How do you find it?

  81. mikeychx says:

    wow…this game is strting to drag a bit…i guess i needed the drug of the chase…knwing we are in leaves me wanting

  82. cuban4cubs says:

    only mets games on rookyclub all others on allsportsnation.. rookyclub went down so they put it on the other site.. they do all the nfl games too also will do nba games along with nhl.. also if you are into soccer the hit that up too , not the mls the real soccer euro…

  83. Larry says:

    Ahhhh, Mikey…. it still feels good every time they score. Getting time for Marmol and Wood

  84. mikeychx says:

    yeah…i know….but i cant wait for the post season

  85. cuban4cubs says:

    larry is your comp. HD? if so the games on asn are HD

  86. cuban4cubs says:

    hart is just like howrey

  87. cuban4cubs says:

    thank god

  88. mikeychx says:

    cuban is out for seconds on the bj?

  89. cuban4cubs says:

    no seconds on the eggs!!! walk in the run wtf!!!!

  90. Larry says:

    This is sickening. Waaaay too many BOB’s. I’m checking out – gotta get some sleep. Bring home the “W” guys. See you tomorrow.

  91. mikeychx says:

    haha…i thought you were going to come back and go all penthouse forum on us

  92. cuban4cubs says:

    did larry pass out?

  93. Larry says:

    hey now, if cuban is goin gto go forum, maybe T’ll stick around!! jk G’nite

  94. mikeychx says:

    gn larry see y a tomo

  95. Larry says:

    No, just gotta go to bed. I’m on the east coast and have to get up at 5:00am

  96. cuban4cubs says:

    so she took off her dress after a night of dancing and we sat by the fire as we listen to the rain on the roof.. she put her hand on my cock and i put mine on her breast.. we then made love for 2 long minutes and i went to sleep!!!

  97. cuban4cubs says:

    some penthouse forum for you…

  98. mikeychx says:

    wait…go back to the part where she took off her dress

  99. mikeychx says:

    fuck…howry is in…game over

  100. cuban4cubs says:

    when her dress came off she had a tatoo of a dragon on her back.. her panties were all wet, her pussy was so ripe.. wait we was dancing so her pussy stank.. i told her to shower first, next thing i know is i’m in front of the tv watching skinamax…..

  101. cuban4cubs says:

    wtf was that fuku and ronni weak try….

  102. mikeychx says:

    pitchers are missing soto really bad tonight

  103. cuban4cubs says:

    man that penthouse forum got me going.. need to trade my 2nd dose of eggs for another bj..LOL…

  104. mikeychx says:

    haha….i know i was rubbing one out while howry gave up that triple….lol

  105. cuban4cubs says:

    eewwwwwwwwwwwww on the rub out… is howry gonna get out of this?

  106. mikeychx says:

    i didnt mean what i said bobby howry…please be my friend again

  107. cuban4cubs says:

    holly shit this is crazy….

  108. mikeychx says:

    hey i am married….rubbing it out is a way of life….haha

  109. cuban4cubs says:

    wait i have to be married to rub one out? shit, so do i have to stop till i get hitched?

  110. mikeychx says:

    no…you are free to rub whenever….its just more frequent after 6 years of marriage

  111. mikeychx says:

    ok….base hit baby

  112. cuban4cubs says:

    4 hour game…

  113. cuban4cubs says:

    the riot….

  114. cuban4cubs says:

    double for lee ..he is getting hot at the right time…..

  115. mikeychx says:

    clutch bloop single there

  116. mikeychx says:

    you did see that right?

  117. cuban4cubs says:

    this is good we did not try that hard to win and the mets gave it all they got.. so we need to win atleast one vs the crew and we are set…..

  118. mikeychx says:

    dear mets…

    thanks for sucking and not getting a man form third home in the 7th 8th and 9th

  119. cuban4cubs says:

    skerry wood, can he get a 1-2-3 inning

  120. mikeychx says:

    game over….

    see ya tomorrow cuban?

  121. cuban4cubs says:

    later dude have a good one!!!!!

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