Cubs @ Brewers Game One Chat

I wont be here to beging the game…I have a Charity Golf Scramble I am playing  in that doesnt start until 4pm eastern.

Ryan Dempster on the mound for the Cubs tonight takes on Jeff Suppan at Miller Park, where the Cubs are perfect this year. We dont quite know whether to expect the Cubs to continue their dominant ways because we dont know what line up Lou Piniella plans to send out.

One thing is certain…the New York Mets barely slipped our September call ups last night, which bodes well for the Cubs. Also consider that our back are not up against the wall like the Brewers. We are sure to be lose and play pressure free.

We will be watching and rooting for our Cubs, but our eyes are set on the post season. This is the ESPN featured game of the night.

We will check in as the game is on later in the evening…hopefully with the Cubs continuing their dominance of all NL post season contenders.


5 Responses to Cubs @ Brewers Game One Chat

  1. cuban4cubs says:

    hope to be alive when the game starts but its the freakin weekend and i’m bout to get fucked up with my girl.. no penthouse forum on what we will do when we get home. one thing is for sure, i will keep me cell off so i dont have to go to the aid of some drunk american.. lol… it comes on at 9am so i should be able to roll over and watch the bench beat the crew.. if not have a good one will see ya on the saturday day game..

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    a little hung over, but i made it ,so how comes no one else has????

  3. cuban4cubs says:

    down by 4 in a game vs the crew late innings have we seen this before… think so but no soto this time…

  4. cuban4cubs says:

    its the drunk cuban hour….

  5. Larry says:

    This game meant absolutely nothing, but I bet Lou pulls out the stops for the last 2. Have a great weekend everybody. I’ll try to check in tomorrow but have a pretty busy day. Might be Sunday. Good job on bringing in the “W” the other night against the Mets when we went to extras!! We need to bust some runs tomorrow and hang some numbers. Offensive hibernation better not hit now!!

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