Cubs @ Brewers Game Two Chat

Weekend traffic at the site is not huge…its the weekend. We will be in and out all day.

Ted Lilly faces the iffy Ben Sheets. Don’t know how well Sheets will pitch or rather how long. But the Brewers are already in playoff mode beacause their playoff lives are at stake.

One thing is certain…the visiting Cubs need to get back into playoff mode starting today.

Like we said…in and out all day. Let us know if you stop by.


31 Responses to Cubs @ Brewers Game Two Chat

  1. mikeychx says:

    fucking cubs sending out the AAA team again

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    yes fukudumb is on the “B” team what a loser 0-3!!!! and lilly has a double..

  3. mikeychx says:

    what up cuban…any forum stories? or should i just flip on a porno?

  4. mikeychx says:

    holy shit…lilly is dealing

  5. mikeychx says:

    is this like three milwuakee starters now used?

  6. cuban4cubs says:

    yeah lilly loves miller park.. our B team looks nice…

  7. mikeychx says:

    and to think…lilly is our #4 guy in the postseason

  8. cuban4cubs says:

    shit bad news for the crew if the ump is gonna call the rest of the game like this…

  9. cuban4cubs says:

    #4 guy my ass little Z should be our 4 spot..

  10. mikeychx says:

    i know…hes 2 though


  11. mikeychx says:

    our bullpen sets up like this i think….lou is taking 11 pitchers….i think…may not be set


  12. mikeychx says:

    mccarver sucking brewers dick right now

  13. cuban4cubs says:

    come on fukudome and pie you gotta try to make the post season roster.. i would love nothing more then to see fukudome come back home while the cubs play on..

  14. mikeychx says:

    fuck…i think i would be pissed and happy at he same time

  15. cuban4cubs says:

    we could see c.c. in a cubs uni next year.. i hope its c.c. and not man ram..

  16. mikeychx says:

    ramirez plays left…soriano plays left….i say cc

  17. cuban4cubs says:

    fuck man if we lose this one we might lose 4 in a row to go into the 2nd season.. not good

  18. mikeychx says:

    holy shit…is fukudome heating up….haha

  19. mikeychx says:

    didint like what i saw out of marquis though in relief

  20. mikeychx says:

    phillies just clinched the nl east

  21. cuban4cubs says:

    that was deep and may have put him on the roster…

  22. cuban4cubs says:

    i like what grace said the cubs have the best bench in the history of baseball today

  23. mikeychx says:

    yeah…you gotta consider this game as nothing but their bench right?

  24. cuban4cubs says:

    i love the way the bench has played the last week vs mets and crew.. two team in must win mode and we beat them like we are in must win mode..

  25. mikeychx says:

    so i would think all of the starters are back in tomorrow to get their reps in right?

  26. mikeychx says:

    astros are mathematically elimianted so we dont need the monday game i wouldnt think

  27. cuban4cubs says:

    i would think the starters go 5 innings then let the B team close it out..

  28. mikeychx says:

    yeah…dont want em to be cold heading into nlds

  29. mikeychx says:

    sweet…you around tomorrow?

  30. mikeychx says:

    alright my asian brotha….go make some penthouse forum material for those of us who never get laid anymore….haha

    ill see you tomorrow

  31. cuban4cubs says:

    later cracker.. rub one out for us guys who get laid… lol…

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