One Final Regular Season Game Chat

Cubs @ Brewers

This is quite the exciting game for most of the Northeastern part of the United States…oh yeah and for those folks in Wisconsin too. This game determines a few things.

  1. Will the Brewers be the Wild Card?
  2. Will the Mets be the Wild Card?
  3. Will there be a one game playoff?
  4. Will the Cubs host the Dodgers?
  5. Will the Cubs host the Mets?

Cubs…they appear to care less. Carlos Zambrano is a scratch and the Cubs will send Angel Guzman to the mound to face CC Sabathia. Accuscore has the game already a given to the Brewers….how in the hell can they be a 77% favorite? Are they basing it all offof CC? Do they take into account this will be his third outing in like 10 days?

The Cubs are sending the top half of the regular lineup to face CC. One cool thing to note is Micha Hoffpauir is starting in place of Kosuke Fukudome in right.

Geovany Soto is out again…which is fine. Let the guy heal as much as possible…ditto for Mark DeRosa.

Game Chat on weekend is sporadic…which is fine…so many sports on the weekend. We will be chatting here on and off throughout the game.


3 Responses to One Final Regular Season Game Chat

  1. mikeychx says:

    in and out all day….check in as i will be checking in too

  2. mikeychx says:

    football day and weekend for most…we are out…check back over the next few days for some playoff analysis and match up information once everthing is decided

    have a good rest of the day here sunday

  3. AccuScore says:

    Looks like the computer knew a thing or two, ha ha…great blog and good luck to the Cubs! I’d love to see them win it all.

    By the way, crazy idea here but did it ever occur to anyone that maybe somebody should bring a goat to a cubs playoff game to end this curse thing? Looks like that has been done before but can’t hurt.

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