NLDS Game One Chat

Ladies and Gentlemen…the moment we have been waiting for since September 20th has now arrived. The National League Division Series between the Cubs and the Dodgers kicks off in about two and a half hours. The tension is so thick you need an axe to split it.

Ryan Dempster gets the deserved nod today against Derek Lowe. I am too nervous to write anything meaningful. I hope to see you guys here at game time.


64 Responses to NLDS Game One Chat

  1. mikeychx says:

    well well well…the postseason is here and everyone is slurping the cubs….except for cubs fans…funny shit

  2. cuban4cubs says:

    damn, took me a while but found the game before the start.. soapcast is nice for sports..

  3. mikeychx says:

    what up cuban..glad i got some company

  4. cuban4cubs says:

    i’m on edge, this puts a pain in the pit of my stomach.. we wanted this now we are nervous as shit…

  5. cuban4cubs says:

    never seen wrigley so quite, like the comentators said.. how the fuck did mlb let ted turner buy the rights to the playoffs?

  6. mikeychx says:

    i know…like i sadi above…i wanted to come up with some good plyaooff shit…and i keep getting the good luck phone alls now……but yeah…im nervous as a mother fucker

    is it raining there?

  7. mikeychx says:

    ted turner doesnt own tbs anymore…but even though it is tbs…at least its not tim mccarver

  8. mikeychx says:

    fucking DERO…MVPO…weve missed you

  9. cuban4cubs says:

    now we can get load….. holy shit dero…..

  10. mikeychx says:

    knot gone…beer is cold…and good

  11. cuban4cubs says:

    typhoon came over the weekend like always.. rainy friday till wednessday, now its thursday morning and just a little fog no rain..

  12. mikeychx says:

    rain isnt so bad…plenty of time for “forum” making moments

  13. cuban4cubs says:

    i thought that was a new video board at wrigley then seen just an add by tbs

  14. cuban4cubs says:

    58 degrees and fog here, how is it in sunny cali

  15. mikeychx says:

    hot as balls today…85 ….haha…hot for here…i live in year around 74 degree area

  16. cuban4cubs says:

    nice catch hope he is not hurt.. his D is unreal.. wish we could dh for position player

  17. mikeychx says:

    yeah…hes def a great defender out there…and has a gun

  18. mikeychx says:

    weird, i have been in ahaze…i cant say i have heard anything anyone has said in commentary on this game

  19. mikeychx says:

    man dempster is s stud

  20. cuban4cubs says:

    scary inning, pitch count is high but lou will let him go a little linger then most times..

  21. Larry says:

    Hey, fellow Cub fans. Read all your comments. Now it’s time to settle in, play some ball and have some fun. Nice start all the way around but Demp has got to stop walking batters. Let’s keep the lead. WAMUS CATULI!!

  22. mikeychx says:

    what up larry…good strat time for you…you can watch the whole game and be in bed by nine….i arranged this for you…tanhk me later

  23. Larry says:

    Eamus Catuli!! I think Wamus was sold to jpmorgam!! Wat to go DLEE

  24. Larry says:

    Hell, I will thank you now. And my boss said to take Friday off so I could watch the late game and not struggle through the day. What a great guy!!

  25. cuban4cubs says:

    next time i hear some one say that mlb is MUCH longer then the japanese league i’m gonna shit on that dude.. 148 games to 162… 14 games for a pro like these guys is not many…

  26. Larry says:

    What a snag!!

  27. cuban4cubs says:

    sry larry we wont talk to much.. a bit on edge.. want to get this 1st game out of the way then we can get crazy…

  28. mikeychx says:

    so what is going on…my directv is rebooting…thanks cute little babay daughter…lol

  29. mikeychx says:

    demp has his playoff beard going i guess

  30. Larry says:

    Demp has to regain his control. I think Lou will let him go 2 more if he can get a quick inning. Totally understAND about watching, nervous, low qty of comments. I can’t type worth a damn becaise I keep peeking at the TV as well.

  31. mikeychx says:

    this is gut wrenching…and we are ahead

  32. mikeychx says:

    time to go get dempster

  33. mikeychx says:

    gotta go eat…ill be back….and watching the whle time

  34. Larry says:

    The 5th and the 8th have been big innings all year. Let’s hang some numbers!! This thang ain’t over. We’ve got 5 more opportunities – otherwise known as innings – long way to go.

  35. cuban4cubs says:

    fuck me man its gonna happen again.. this hurts man.. this hurts alot.. i dont think Z can win 2moro.. this is the game we had to win.. lowe is in a grove and the dodger pen is nice.. all i can say is……………………..

  36. cuban4cubs says:

    i’m not mad at all kinda feel like i knew it would happen.. hope they can steal this one..

  37. mikeychx says:

    lets get it right back here…restore the confidence

  38. Larry says:

    Double play ……… AGAIN. Kind of hard to stage a comeback when nothing happens. Still time and I refuse to give in. Nothing is conceded. Contest everything and play hard, Cubs. You have come from behind over 40 times this year and you can do it again. Please!!

  39. cuban4cubs says:

    28th dp for lee.. he is not feared by any team, in fact he is the one player teams want up with a runner at 1st.. did i take a sleeping pill cause feel a little down…

  40. Larry says:

    Nice play be DLee. I wish he would find the stick and get the offense side of the game going as well.

  41. cuban4cubs says:

    8 walks and 2 of them for lowe.. wow its all falling apart at the wrong time.. we will hear all haters in full strength.. so ill say it for them 1908…

  42. mikeychx says:

    cuban…i know….still got that feeling in the pit o me stomach

  43. Larry says:

    That wasted leadoff double will prove costly

  44. cuban4cubs says:

    sry guys i’m not a troll but this is the 2nd season and late inning come backs are rare.. think we will have to start thinking on what we can get for NEXT YEAR.. again sry but i dont feel it and i’m not pissed.. used to it is all.. it will happen one year but this year looks like its not to be.. i know larry its early but this dodger staff is one of the best lead by that post season stud on the mound LOWE… now man ram went yard.. its not meant to be for the cubs.. i live my life around the cubs and every year this happens, i dont sleep much during the season in hopes to see a world series cubs win.. now its winter so i can get some sleep and dream about next year…

  45. mikeychx says:

    cubs arent very patient tonight

  46. Larry says:

    damn, cuban, it is a 5 game series. This is not sudden death. If this is how you see it, you should have quit watching this year after the Brewers took the first 2 games. It makes about the same amount of sense. SO, STRAP IT ON AND SUCK IT UP. IT AIN’T OVAH TIL IT’S OVAH!!

  47. cuban4cubs says:

    they played into the dodgers hands.. they let them set the pace of the game and set up the 8th and 9th in their favor.. lowe gets to rest and get ready to pitch his next start fresh as hell.. looks like they are teaching the cubs how to play baseball in the playoffs…i think that advil i took was a valume.. omg are they gonna tack on more?

  48. Larry says:

    Cubs have had a bad case of butterflies. They better get it out of their system in a hurry. Too many walks, a horribly misplayed ball by Edmonds and no offense. Manny’s HR – nothing to gripe about there. He hit a helluva pitch.

  49. cuban4cubs says:

    larry i hear you man i hear you clear as hell.. but this dodger team is great.. the have world series vets on this team.. we have edmonds in his downfall.. they have vets in their prime.. i’m not gonna quit no way but i’m a realist and its rolling the way of this heavy loaded vet dodger team..

  50. cuban4cubs says:

    need some runs this inning wit the heart up.. this inning could make or break this game..

  51. mikeychx says:

    notice i am not saying a fucking thing….i feel the same exact way BOTH of you do…all at the same time…thank God for beer

  52. mikeychx says:

    big suprise…lee hit a ground ball

  53. mikeychx says:

    if you guys need me ill be in my room…curled up in the fetal position….sucking my thumb….and sobbing

  54. cuban4cubs says:

    this is gonna be tough to go into LA wit 60k in the park and take two.. for the cubs to take this series it will have to go 5.. this series is in the hands of big Z.. can he take that pressure? wtf they kicked our fucking ass wit our ace on the mound and the wind blowing in.. i’m pissed now i cant fucking think….. it just might be over.. NEXT YEAR we will do it again hope in our favor.. yes larry i gave up on them, sry.. i will stick around the entire series and root the cubs on and hope the prove me wrong…

  55. Larry says:

    Split here, split in LA and win game 5. Simple.

  56. Larry says:

    Now which team does that is still to be determined!!

  57. mikeychx says:

    hanging head…low….

  58. Larry says:

    The only thing good about this game was that it was on early. Otherwise …. very disappointing. Let’s rack ’em up tomorrow. G’nite all.

  59. cuban4cubs says:

    big Z can NOT pitch in the cold.. he starts every season slow and ends low..spring time can get cold and the fall can too.. he is not suited for the cold weather.. his no no came in a dome.. and his win in 2003 playoffs came in florida.. not cold.. it will be cold in chi… the cards all read dodgers.. sry sry sry guys but i’m in a bad way and cant find anything that would go in the cubs favor.. i guess the only thing i can find is sori.. if he starts to hit then that could change the game but 2-19 is not bright.. see you all for game 2 and hope big Z can shit on my perdiction….

  60. bozecubbies says:

    yeah same here mikey im still sick from lastnights game,sorry for the disappearing act,ive had a lot a bad tuff going on lately,i mean real bad,its in my second blog labeled “off the chain”……….im glad its over,anyhow im still sick to my stomach over lastnights game,i got tix for tonight ,prolly go but not sure yet,later bro…..

  61. the nug says:

    I have a plan brewing for game three and Cubs fans aren’t going to like it one bit.

  62. Larry says:

    Game 2 chat off??

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