Until There’s a Buyer…

Well baseball is almost over…and the Cubs havent mattered now for all of October. But there is football, basketball, and hockey, and all of the other sports that take place once baseball no longer matters.

We will be around to update the sale of the Cubs, but we arent into the farm system, winter / desert league aspect of the Cubs. Not that we dont care…but this being a volunteer blog with no ad revenue supporting it…well you get the idea.

Click on over to Sparty and Friends to chat all of the other sports and pop culture items going on in the world now that the 100 Year Itch is about to turn the odometer over to 101.

Sparty and Friends breaks stories and recaps the days events. Videos like this one of Syracuse getting beat by Cleveland State on a buzzer beater….. the blog is updating people on the Will Muschamp to Auburn instead of being the Texas Head Coach in Waiting….Its you place for all sports banter…check it out now.


One Response to Until There’s a Buyer…

  1. clown says:

    Just enough stuff about the Cubbies. Best post evAr.

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