Contributors Needed

I was born in Chicago and I am a die hard Cub fan….the problem is, I live North of Los Angeles. I need contributors to keep up with the times.

So here’s the deal….I need an East Coast Contributing Editor, I need a Chicago Contributing Editor…I would like to think I have the West Coast covered….but You never know.

Contributors are needed from Chicago (5), Des Moines (2), Kodak  (2), Daytona (2), Peoria (2), Boise (2), and Mesa (1 now – 5 During Spring Training).

There is NO PAY….you do it to keep us informed or don’t do it. If this site gets going, who knows…there may be some ad revenue to split…but don’t count on it.

Still interested….send previously published articles / blog posts to for review. Tell me why in 50 words or less why you want to write for

I want to get this all sorted out by the end of July…Get your submissions in now!


6 Responses to Contributors Needed

  1. Larry says:

    You might want to take just a couple minutes to re-proof the bill of rights piece. It looks like some words might have been left out. Just a suggestion – maybe it says exactly what you want it to. Great idea!!

  2. TheWiscomCube says:

    I don’t know what I could contribute, and don’t know if I could contribute daily, but I’m usually on the Cubs ESPN forums during the week and could be the guy who gets the “Troll call of the day” just for kicks. . .

  3. miketatham34 says:

    I usually have logical takes on the Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals and try not to be a “homer” with the Cubs. I tend to be a bit more optimistic than a lot of the posters I see on NSBB or ESPN forums, but will call it as I see it. I have become a bit obsessed with the Cubs this season, even being so far away in Arizona, but techology makes me feel I’m right in the middle of things. Look forward to giving my takes on the Cubs and other teams. Thanks, Mike.

  4. mikeychx says:

    no problem mike….cant wait to read your stuff

  5. mikeychx says:

    first comment is moderated…now all of your posts will be up right away

  6. Cubs4life93 says:

    no problem, lol

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