One Final Regular Season Game Chat

September 28, 2008

Cubs @ Brewers

This is quite the exciting game for most of the Northeastern part of the United States…oh yeah and for those folks in Wisconsin too. This game determines a few things.

  1. Will the Brewers be the Wild Card?
  2. Will the Mets be the Wild Card?
  3. Will there be a one game playoff?
  4. Will the Cubs host the Dodgers?
  5. Will the Cubs host the Mets?

Cubs…they appear to care less. Carlos Zambrano is a scratch and the Cubs will send Angel Guzman to the mound to face CC Sabathia. Accuscore has the game already a given to the Brewers….how in the hell can they be a 77% favorite? Are they basing it all offof CC? Do they take into account this will be his third outing in like 10 days?

The Cubs are sending the top half of the regular lineup to face CC. One cool thing to note is Micha Hoffpauir is starting in place of Kosuke Fukudome in right.

Geovany Soto is out again…which is fine. Let the guy heal as much as possible…ditto for Mark DeRosa.

Game Chat on weekend is sporadic…which is fine…so many sports on the weekend. We will be chatting here on and off throughout the game.


Cubs @ Brewers Game Two Chat

September 27, 2008

Weekend traffic at the site is not huge…its the weekend. We will be in and out all day.

Ted Lilly faces the iffy Ben Sheets. Don’t know how well Sheets will pitch or rather how long. But the Brewers are already in playoff mode beacause their playoff lives are at stake.

One thing is certain…the visiting Cubs need to get back into playoff mode starting today.

Like we said…in and out all day. Let us know if you stop by.

Cubs @ Brewers Game One Chat

September 26, 2008

I wont be here to beging the game…I have a Charity Golf Scramble I am playing  in that doesnt start until 4pm eastern.

Ryan Dempster on the mound for the Cubs tonight takes on Jeff Suppan at Miller Park, where the Cubs are perfect this year. We dont quite know whether to expect the Cubs to continue their dominant ways because we dont know what line up Lou Piniella plans to send out.

One thing is certain…the New York Mets barely slipped our September call ups last night, which bodes well for the Cubs. Also consider that our back are not up against the wall like the Brewers. We are sure to be lose and play pressure free.

We will be watching and rooting for our Cubs, but our eyes are set on the post season. This is the ESPN featured game of the night.

We will check in as the game is on later in the evening…hopefully with the Cubs continuing their dominance of all NL post season contenders.

The Magic Number is….

September 18, 2008

Thriller for the Cubs..downer for the Brewers….No one wanted to win as each team kept giving the others chances….Cubs win 7-6 in 12th…more later…just going to go enjoy this fo a few minutes.

The Magic Number Remains at….

September 18, 2008

Yeah…we lost the game last night 6-2 to the Brewers. But the fun thing about magic numbers is that they cant go up. Magic number remains stuck at 4 while the dividion lead is 8. Another game this afternoon at Wrigley v. the Brew Crew. Dave Bush ging for the Brewers….Rich Harden for the home team.

See you here for the chat in a little while.

Time is Running Out…

September 17, 2008

….for the Mets, Phillies, Brewers, Astros, and Diamondbacks that is. These are the only teams that have a realistic shot at the post season in the National League.

The Cubs are basically locked, and the Dodgers are 98.5% in…but we all know there is a little baseball to be played.

Basically it is do or die time for the Brewers, Phillies, and Mets. Two spots…three teams. I had the idea for this article all day…but ESPN beat me to it…so fuck it – here is their version instead…I am here to pull for the Cubs and eliminate whoever is in our way. At this point, it is World Series of Poker time in baseball. Get rid of all of the competition and be the last one standing.

On the hill tonight the Brewers have a good shot to beat the Cubs becuse they are sending Ben Sheets out to face Jason “One Big Inning” Marquis. The only problem now for the Brew Crew is that historically, when Marquis has no pressure to win, which is in essence what the entire Cubs staff has for the rest of the season, he has pitched really well.

Add to the equation the Brewersare in disarray and the only guy not affected seems to be Prince Fielder.

At any rate…we all get to share the Cubs tonight on ESPN which means everyone everywhere will be watching…we will be chatting down below….rub two quarters together for a good showing tonight on national tee vee…but keep it in context….we are up 9 in the division and magic number is 4…..end of day worst case scenario is 8 and 4….magic number cant go up….like we said…time is running out.

Brewers @ Cubs Game One

September 16, 2008

The Dale Sveum (sp?) Era begins tonight for the Milwaukee Brewers as they travel to Wrigley for a three game set against the Cubs. This three game set is followed by a three game set at Miller Park in about ten days. Needless to say, these six games could determine whether or not the Brewers make it to the post season. Chicago is all but assured of a spot with their magic number at 6.

Should be a fun game to watch with CC Sabathia and Ryan Dempster on the bump for the Brewers and Cubs respectively. The Brewers will be pressing a bit, but also can play with relatively no pressure now that they fired their manager…it all depends on how the players internalize the situation. The Phillies who are tied for the Wild Card lead “tee off” an hour ahead of this game, so the Brewers will have one eye on the scoreboard all night as well. The Cubs could be positioned for a letdown of sorts after a no-no by Carlos Zambrano and a near no-no by Ted Lilly. The Cubs bats however have woken up the last two games.

We will be here to chat the game later today.