Cubs W – Marmol Spoils Harden’s Debut

July 12, 2008

Reed Johnson drove in the winning run on a walkoff single in the bottom of the 11th….We love the W but this day was overshadowed by trouble from the Cubs bullpen.

Everything good about Rich Harden was all undone by Carlos Marmol in the top of the ninth inning in todays game. A five run top of the ninth was just full of mistakes, hit batters, walks. You name it Marmol threw it. He is starting to remind me of last years version of Ryan Dempster. The thing that baffles me is that when you are pitching against the worst offense in the NL..why not just go right at them and make them beat you…no reason to pitch the spots. Marmol got to where he is by overpowering people. Larry Rothschild has got to get this worked out. It makes me sick to hink Harden gets a ND after such a brilliant performance.

As for Harden…I am still not sure which ovation was louder…the one to start the game, or the one in the 6th when he came out. I hope he did get a curtain call, cut away to a commercial so I couldn’t tell…but I know he deserved one. 10 Ks…no runners past second base….quite studly. As for all of the naysayers about Harden’s velocity being down, his final pitch was a 96 MPH fastball. Case closed.

It is Saturday so Ill let the pros do the recap…click the links to the left to go to your favorite website for additional analysis.


The numbers rarely lie. In my gameday preview post the numbers said that Harden would dominate the Giants and that the Cubs would be all over Kevin Correia. Click here to see the post…and check back later for tomorrows numbers and analysis. The only thing that the numbers couldn’t tell us prior to the game is the need to position a Doctor behind the mound to perform the Heimlich Manuver on Marmol.

Player of the game 1 Harden / 1A Sean Marshall

(Random Side Note…Dick Butkus who did the stretch today belongs to my Father in Law’s Country Club in Camarillo, California…I see him all of the time…he’s not so big…I out drive him….) 

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