NLDS Game One Chat

October 1, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen…the moment we have been waiting for since September 20th has now arrived. The National League Division Series between the Cubs and the Dodgers kicks off in about two and a half hours. The tension is so thick you need an axe to split it.

Ryan Dempster gets the deserved nod today against Derek Lowe. I am too nervous to write anything meaningful. I hope to see you guys here at game time.


Prediction Skills

September 25, 2008

Back on July 18 we took a look at were things were for the Cubs and made our second half predictions for the rest of the season. At the time we thought the Cubs were a lock to win 100 games. We still have a shot…but we are thinking 98-99 at the moment. So with that said, here was what we predicted and the actual results up through last nights game at New York.

Original Story:

We looked at several percentages, including day games after night games, home / road splits, took into account the trade deadine (July 31) that will severly hamper Cincinatti (Dunn and/ or Griffey gone), Pittsburgh (Xaivier Nady). We also took into account the expansion of rosters on September 1 when Houston and Cincinnati will not be contending, and will be evaluating new talent (read as giving away games). It all makes for pretty dry reading. Just know we took it all into account…and here are the predictions

Philadelphia Phillies
Four Games @ Wrigley
Our Projections 2-2
Total Record v. Phillies After Projections: 2-2

New York Mets
Four Games @ Shea
Our Projections 1-3
Current Cubs Record v. Mets After Projections 2-1

Florida Marlins
Four @ Wrigley 2-2
Three @ Pro Player 2-1
Our Projections 4-3
Total Record v. Marlins After Projections: 4-3

Atlanta Braves
Three @ Turner
Our Projection 2-1
Total Record v. Braves After Projections: 3-0

Washington Nationals
Three  @ Wrigley
Our Projections 3-0
Total Record v. Nationals After Projections: 2-1

St. Louis Cardinals
Six @ Wrigley Current Record v. Cardinals After Projections: 2-1
Three @ Busch
Our Projections 6-3
Total Record v. Cards After Projections: 6-3

Milwaukee Brewers
Three @ Wrigley
Seven @ Miller Current Record v. Brewers After Projections: 4-0
Our Projections 5-5
Total Record v. Brewers After Projections: 6-1

Cincinnati Reds
Three @ Wrigley
Three @ Great American
Our Projections  5-1
Total Record v. Reds After Projections: 3-3

Pittsburgh Pirates
Three @ Wrigley Current Record v. Pirates After Projections: 2-1
Three @ PNC
Our Projections 5-1
Total Record v. Pirates After Projections: 5-1

Houston Astros
Six @ Wrigley…Current Record v. Astros After Projections: 2-1
Six @ Minute Made…Current Record v. Astros After Projections: 1-2
Our Projections 8-4
Total Record v. Astros After Projections: 5-6

Arizona Diamondbacks
Three @ Chase
Our Projections 2-1
Total Record v. Arizona After Projections: 1-2

Totals 43-24

Current Record 57-38 (on July 18)

Final Record 100-62
Current Record 96-61

Cubs Clinch Central on September 22
Cubs Clinched on September 20

All in all…pretty happy with the projections…where did we go wrong? Never saw the sweep coming at the hands of the Astros, and didnt think the Reds could win a series against us. Six game losing streak was offset by sweeps at Atlanta and Milwaukee.

In order to get 100 wins the Cubs need tonights win at NYM and a sweep at Milwaukee because it doesnt look like the third Astros game is going to be needed.

Fun looking back…..but really cant wait for the post season at this point.

Chat here below later tonight.