Off Topic: Why 100 Year Itch?

August 16, 2008


So the Cubs lost tonight…so what. Aramis Ramirez and Derek Lee were given the day off…Lou took it for granted…we win: great…we lose – so what….the studs got an off day. The Cubs are 9-1 in their last 10 road games and 8-2 overall….we say it every day – we wernt going to go 162-0

So on to more important things.

It is kind of hard to explain why I wanted so badly to start this blog. I like the interaction of the ESPN conversation boards. But I truly loathe the bullshit that comes along with it. Simply put…it is a collection of loyal Cubs fans who put up with the masses who want to see the Cubs fail.

Every loss means I get to read how we choked / cursed / goated / bartmaned games. Every win means I dont see the antagonists from the games we lose, but it also means I get to hear how CUBS means Completly Useless By September.

I just wish people would come up with some new fucking material. The boards end up like a movie you have watched 100 times…Top Gun, Pulp Fiction…I can recite line for line what the comments are going to be…..I have memorized the script.

Origianally I started 100 Year Itch to get away from the bullshit…..but now I know better. Two things changed my mind today. I saw the WGN special regarding Wrigley and WGN. I could go through the whole story about everyone else’s stories, but one thing stood out to me.

To most people, Wrigley Field sits at the corner of Addison and Clark….to a Cubs fan Wrigley Field Sits at the Corner of Hopes and Dreams

The other thing that convinced me was soame of the comments on the ESPN boards by those I would like to invite to contribute here. One that stood out to me was by illinifaniwek …one of the regulars on the Cubs Conversation Boards….another faithful Cub fan who gets blasted by the donks regularly I am sure….here is his quote…

I’m actually feeling sorry for fans of other teams. As Cubs fans, we have something very special going on here, and unless you’re a Cubs fan, you can never experience what we are feeling…never. If we win it all, then great, if we just GET there, great too. Fans of other teams will never experience the atmosphere, the aura, the “family” attitude that we Cubs fans have. We high-five strangers on the street if they are wearing Cubs gear, we defend each other, we share rides, and we ALL feel the same way…..that the Cubs will win it all. Maybe this year, maybe not, but when it DOES happen, all Cubs fan will be on a natural high that will last for months. 100 years means nothing to us, except that it makes the next one all the more special. It means that ALL Cubs fans will experience thier first WS together…like the biggest family reunion on Earth. It IS special, and only Cubs fans will ever get to feel this moment in baseball history the way it could only be complete totality…..and just by Cubs fans.

Wow…I am not sure I could have penned it better!

This is the reason I started 100yi….and why I would like anyone else that feels the same way to contibute to 100yi. This site is not about force feeding you our bullshit opinions and remarks on Cubs games / seasons….it is about sharing a common bond as fans of a team that no matter how many failures they have endured….We are a group that always look to the future for hope and inspiration. To understand – I guess you have to have the 100 year itch!


Cubs Sweep Braves

August 15, 2008

The offensive onslaught continued last night in Atlanta. Powered by the bats of Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano, the North Siders continued their dominance of the Braves as they swept them for the second straight time this year.

The win gives the Cubs eight straight road wins and leaves the Cubs just one game under .500 on the road, which as we have stated here on 100yi before, is pretty monumental considering that they were 8 games under at the break. Overall, the team is  27 games over .500…

The series totals were pretty impressive as far as the numbers are concerned…3 games, 3 wins, 29 total runs, 38 total hits, on only 4 HRs…The Cubs played great all around baseball with such a balance. Starting pitching continued to be solid too with Ted Lilly gettng the “W” and bettering his record to 12-6.

We are going to stick to the positive, staying away from the benches clearing incident. Mark Kotsay hit for the cycle for the Braves…it always seems when someone hits for the cycle, it usually propels a team to a win, but the Cubs were just too much. Tom Glavine supposedly pitched last night, but like the rest of the year, no one really could be sure it was the real Tom Glavine…or at least the guy who used to be Glavine. In 13 starts this year, Glavine has only two wins….2! Not a misprint.

The Cubs head to Miami to face the Marlins for the weekend…Zambrano to start, as Dempster gets an off day. 7:10 Florida time….Tune in later for a preview…

Twice as Nice

August 14, 2008

The Cubs swept a rare double header yesterday from the Atlanta Braves last night to keep 3.5 games ahead of the pitcher shoving Milwaukee Prince Fielders. The Cubs remained hot winning eight of their last ten. Neither Cub game was close, and only one time all day did the Braves even threaten to take either game over. In the end, the two game line score looked something like this…

  • Runs – 18
  • Hits – 24
  • 2B – 6
  • HR – 2
  • RBI – 18
  • ERA – 1.00
  • W – 2

Game One : 10 – 2
Game Two: 8 – 0

In  word… Dominating. The team continued to do what they are supposed to do which is to win each series they play. In the last six series the Cubs are 5-0-1. The Cubs are currently 73 – 47 including 16-9 since the All Star Break. The team has improved their road record to 28-30, up from 20-27 at the Break.

The Cubs go for the series sweep today at 7 pm Atlanta Time…Ted Lilly is going up against Tommy Glavine. Check back for a preview later today.