Analyze This

September 11, 2008

In an attempt to calm myself down after my recent tirades, I decided to take a long hard look at what was happening to the Cubs. Part of that involves who we lost to – and why…and the other part involves looking at when the losses occured.

I am not going to bore you with my analyzing what the Cubs did, are doing, or hoping to do other than to lay out the following information. In their last 20 games the Cubs are actually playing .500 baseball….I was shocked too.

Here is the skinny…the last 20 games look like this:


The part that obviously bothers all of us is the six “Ls” in a row…But what if we were to look at this another way….would you be as upset if the last 20 games looked like this:


I know when I looked at it that way I suddenly began to realize that – it is just baseball. With all of that being said, I would still like to see WW on the board after today…as in two in a row.

I know you guys have probably all seen the ESPN video about Cubs fans by now…but it got me thinking. Since 1908 only 22 teams have won the World Series…is this true? According to Baseball Reference it is…here are the totals from Wikipedia if you don’t want to count it up.

Here is the text of the ESPN video…incase you want to read it for yourself:

The frst thing people want to know is…Why? But you don’t choose who you love.

The Ivy…The Scoreboard…Banks and Santo…Sandberg and Grace…

We never had a chance. We know its been a hundred years since the last World Series Championship. We know that was before the Titanic, Harry Caray, and even Wrigley Field. We share each others pain…WE share that empty feeling in our stomachs.

Be it from a black cat in 69, the ball rolling through Durham’s legs in 84, or in 2003….FIVE OUTs from the World Series. A fan named Bartman, a shortstop named Gonzalez, and a pitcher named Prior.

They call us losers. But we already know that 22 teams have won the World Series since 1908….Including the Yankees, 26 times. Yet we still believe it’s gonna happen…maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe in 50 years….whenever…We’ll wait. We’ll wait for our parents, their parents, and anyone else who has ever cheered for the Cubs…and when our time here runs out…our kids will wait for us. We believe in dreams, we believe in hope, we believe in loyalty….we believe in our Chicago Cubs.

Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…Go Cubs…


Trying to Be Original

August 24, 2008

The Cubs won….again. Eight straight series. Is it cause for optimism? No. Not for a Cubs fan. It is another reason to keep our mouths shut.

The trolls are growing in number this year. The accusations and assertions remain the same. Yet, like Kosuke Fukudome (at the beginning of the year anyways) we remain patient…almost to a fault.

I cant go into too much detail….a Cubs fan knows why. Just listen to the public address announcer….

Please remain calm….keep your hands and arms inside the boat and remain seated…until the ride comes to a complete stop. Exit to the right and collect your belongings. You will be able to purchase pictures of your ride in the gift shop. Thanks for riding the Cubs roller coaster – and please…enjoy the rest of your day here at Wrigleyville USA.

Sum it up for you?

Nuggets –

  • Eight Straight Series Wins
  • Mark DeRosa Homered in Four Straight Games
  • Rich Harden is 4-1 with a 1.47 ERA Since his acquisition
  • Our two biggest acquisitions didnt cost us a thing
  • Those acquisitions have produced 87 RBIs
  • Same Acquisitions have scored 79 Runs

Okay…Okay – Ill Shut up

Cubs win today 6-1….Improve to 80-50…Off to face the  Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow.

Check in for a Preview before heading out to your favorite chat room.