Down to Our Last Strikes / Game Three Chat

October 4, 2008

Has all of the sideshow bullshit before this series ever started against  the Dodgers crippled the Cubs?

Exhibit A: Before a pitch was thrown in the series, the good folks in City Hall decided to ban alcohol sales after the 7th inning in clinching games…

Exhibit B: Before a pitch was thrown in this series, someone thought it would be a great idea to have a priest bless the dugout.

On one hand you are assuming victory, on the other hand you are warding off evil defeating jinxes. In reality it has been a side show the Cubs could have gone without. The real side show should have been before the postseason ever started in the form of Piniella letting his players relax during the Mets series and going balls out against he Brewers. The “in essence” week off before this series has killed any momentum the Cubs had gained all season, and the rust has shown in the first two games.

We are all in…..every fucking chip left has to be in the pot in hopes we can double up and live to play another hand. Thank God Kosuke Fukudome has been eliminated.

Chat here during the game if you will be awake…late start for everyone but me here in California….Ill be here…hope to see you too.


A Needed Kick in the Ass Before the Game Two Chat

October 2, 2008

I along with half of Cubs Nation had an uneasy time last night….I went in search of what other Cubs fans were feeling…I got sat down and give a good talking to by Kurt  Evans from Goat Riders of the Apocolypse…Kurt says:

Forgive me if I am going to come off as a little harsh, and if you are disturbed by this post, then I can only ask you to think back about the things you have said about the Cubs in the past couple of hours and compare them in terms of disturbedness – if that’s even a word. (My spell check says it’s not.)

I also want to preference* myself by saying that I am not trying to be a dick.  I promise.

(*Inside joke)

To the lovely, wonderful Cub fans out there who have given up on this season because of one loss, what the hell is the matter with you?  What kind of fans are you?  How disturbed must you be, how damaged must the Cubs have made you for you to cut and run with the team needing two losses before the season is over?

Seriously.  I just saw the same game that you saw.  I felt the same frustration.  I cursed.  I wanted to bury my head in the ground.  I yelled at Dempster for reverting to the pitcher he was Pre ’08.  I yelled at Soriano for his hack routine.  I yelled at Derrek for grounding into a double play.  I didn’t ridiculously give up on an entire season because of one stinkin’ loss.

I know I can’t expect Cub fans to be like me.  I hate the Pollyannas out there who cling to the bitter end, until the very last out of the final game even if the Cubs are being blown out.  Those people make me want to puke.  But as much as I hate Cub Fan Pollyanna, I can’t stand Cub Fan Nietzsche even more.  Oh yes, the world is a dark, dank place, the Cubs will never win, good things will never happen, please do us a favor and go sodomize yourselves with a splintering broom handle.  If I could quit the Nietzsches out there as readers, I would.  If I could magically ban their computers from reading this blog, I’d do it.

So the Cubs lost tonight.  Yes, it’s devastating.  Yes, any momentum they took with them into the playoffs evaporated tonight.  But it’s not the loss that will kill them in ’08, it’s the fact that tomorrow night, they will be playing in a ballpark where the fans have sucked out all the oxygen.  Home field advantage doesn’t exist in a place where 25 players compete in front of 40,000 sad participants who are already lamenting a lost season before it even ends.  For Chrissakes, show some heart, it’s the least you’d demand of the players on your favorite team!

I’ve predicted that if the Cubs lost Game One, they could be swept, and the negative fans are the reason why.  I will stand by that prediction.

However, although the Cubs offense faltered, and although the Cubs starting pitcher failed, the biggest culprit from tonight’s loss won’t be out there tomorrow.  Ryan Dempster will be sitting in the dugout, starring vacantly onto the field, wondering what would’ve happened if he hadn’t soft served that pitch.

In the meantime, the fiercest, most competitive Cub in my lifetime will be on the mound.  He’ll be angry.  He’ll be ready.

As for those of you who have deep sixed the season, I only ask that you keep it that way.  Don’t watch the games.  Don’t bother, it’s all over anyway, right?  Don’t read the blogs.  Why would you, we’re hopelessly devoted to the belief that anything can happen in a 5 game series.  You wouldn’t waste your time, right?

Courtesy of Goat Riders of the Apcolypse

The Goat Rider web site is full of scorn for all of us….get behind the fucking team and have a little faith.

Thanks to Kurt and GROTA for the lesson…sorry I didnt contact you for re-print permission…hope the full credit and the links are enough for now….we are 100% behind you.

See you at game time here or the chat….and be sure to check out Goat Riders of the Apocolypse now and later and often.

NLDS Game One Chat

October 1, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen…the moment we have been waiting for since September 20th has now arrived. The National League Division Series between the Cubs and the Dodgers kicks off in about two and a half hours. The tension is so thick you need an axe to split it.

Ryan Dempster gets the deserved nod today against Derek Lowe. I am too nervous to write anything meaningful. I hope to see you guys here at game time.

One Final Regular Season Game Chat

September 28, 2008

Cubs @ Brewers

This is quite the exciting game for most of the Northeastern part of the United States…oh yeah and for those folks in Wisconsin too. This game determines a few things.

  1. Will the Brewers be the Wild Card?
  2. Will the Mets be the Wild Card?
  3. Will there be a one game playoff?
  4. Will the Cubs host the Dodgers?
  5. Will the Cubs host the Mets?

Cubs…they appear to care less. Carlos Zambrano is a scratch and the Cubs will send Angel Guzman to the mound to face CC Sabathia. Accuscore has the game already a given to the Brewers….how in the hell can they be a 77% favorite? Are they basing it all offof CC? Do they take into account this will be his third outing in like 10 days?

The Cubs are sending the top half of the regular lineup to face CC. One cool thing to note is Micha Hoffpauir is starting in place of Kosuke Fukudome in right.

Geovany Soto is out again…which is fine. Let the guy heal as much as possible…ditto for Mark DeRosa.

Game Chat on weekend is sporadic…which is fine…so many sports on the weekend. We will be chatting here on and off throughout the game.

Cubs @ Brewers Game Two Chat

September 27, 2008

Weekend traffic at the site is not huge…its the weekend. We will be in and out all day.

Ted Lilly faces the iffy Ben Sheets. Don’t know how well Sheets will pitch or rather how long. But the Brewers are already in playoff mode beacause their playoff lives are at stake.

One thing is certain…the visiting Cubs need to get back into playoff mode starting today.

Like we said…in and out all day. Let us know if you stop by.

Cubs @ Brewers Game One Chat

September 26, 2008

I wont be here to beging the game…I have a Charity Golf Scramble I am playing  in that doesnt start until 4pm eastern.

Ryan Dempster on the mound for the Cubs tonight takes on Jeff Suppan at Miller Park, where the Cubs are perfect this year. We dont quite know whether to expect the Cubs to continue their dominant ways because we dont know what line up Lou Piniella plans to send out.

One thing is certain…the New York Mets barely slipped our September call ups last night, which bodes well for the Cubs. Also consider that our back are not up against the wall like the Brewers. We are sure to be lose and play pressure free.

We will be watching and rooting for our Cubs, but our eyes are set on the post season. This is the ESPN featured game of the night.

We will check in as the game is on later in the evening…hopefully with the Cubs continuing their dominance of all NL post season contenders.

Prediction Skills

September 25, 2008

Back on July 18 we took a look at were things were for the Cubs and made our second half predictions for the rest of the season. At the time we thought the Cubs were a lock to win 100 games. We still have a shot…but we are thinking 98-99 at the moment. So with that said, here was what we predicted and the actual results up through last nights game at New York.

Original Story:

We looked at several percentages, including day games after night games, home / road splits, took into account the trade deadine (July 31) that will severly hamper Cincinatti (Dunn and/ or Griffey gone), Pittsburgh (Xaivier Nady). We also took into account the expansion of rosters on September 1 when Houston and Cincinnati will not be contending, and will be evaluating new talent (read as giving away games). It all makes for pretty dry reading. Just know we took it all into account…and here are the predictions

Philadelphia Phillies
Four Games @ Wrigley
Our Projections 2-2
Total Record v. Phillies After Projections: 2-2

New York Mets
Four Games @ Shea
Our Projections 1-3
Current Cubs Record v. Mets After Projections 2-1

Florida Marlins
Four @ Wrigley 2-2
Three @ Pro Player 2-1
Our Projections 4-3
Total Record v. Marlins After Projections: 4-3

Atlanta Braves
Three @ Turner
Our Projection 2-1
Total Record v. Braves After Projections: 3-0

Washington Nationals
Three  @ Wrigley
Our Projections 3-0
Total Record v. Nationals After Projections: 2-1

St. Louis Cardinals
Six @ Wrigley Current Record v. Cardinals After Projections: 2-1
Three @ Busch
Our Projections 6-3
Total Record v. Cards After Projections: 6-3

Milwaukee Brewers
Three @ Wrigley
Seven @ Miller Current Record v. Brewers After Projections: 4-0
Our Projections 5-5
Total Record v. Brewers After Projections: 6-1

Cincinnati Reds
Three @ Wrigley
Three @ Great American
Our Projections  5-1
Total Record v. Reds After Projections: 3-3

Pittsburgh Pirates
Three @ Wrigley Current Record v. Pirates After Projections: 2-1
Three @ PNC
Our Projections 5-1
Total Record v. Pirates After Projections: 5-1

Houston Astros
Six @ Wrigley…Current Record v. Astros After Projections: 2-1
Six @ Minute Made…Current Record v. Astros After Projections: 1-2
Our Projections 8-4
Total Record v. Astros After Projections: 5-6

Arizona Diamondbacks
Three @ Chase
Our Projections 2-1
Total Record v. Arizona After Projections: 1-2

Totals 43-24

Current Record 57-38 (on July 18)

Final Record 100-62
Current Record 96-61

Cubs Clinch Central on September 22
Cubs Clinched on September 20

All in all…pretty happy with the projections…where did we go wrong? Never saw the sweep coming at the hands of the Astros, and didnt think the Reds could win a series against us. Six game losing streak was offset by sweeps at Atlanta and Milwaukee.

In order to get 100 wins the Cubs need tonights win at NYM and a sweep at Milwaukee because it doesnt look like the third Astros game is going to be needed.

Fun looking back…..but really cant wait for the post season at this point.

Chat here below later tonight.