Hamilton Hits 35 – Loses to Morneau Anyways

July 15, 2008

IĀ feel like I am not going to be much a news source. Especially on a national Event…Cubs game is one thing….The only game in town is another…if you are scrolling and clicking you might get to this recap in about eight years.

We all know that Morneau “won” the HR Derby even though it eas the Josh Hamilton show and we all came away feeling cheated. Will this be the impetus for changing the event?

100yi correctly predicted the “winner” in Hamilton, and we were 100% correct on the championship round particiapnts. The problem is Morneau still had something left while Hamilton was totally spent. Morneaus measly FIVE HRS were enough in the final round to win…I am almost as tired as Hamilton right now.

Rehash – The righties stunk up the place with the exception of Braun – Berkman hit leftie and was respectable – finishing in third…in the end absolutly no one picked Morneau to win…including the ESPN talking heads…ther were about 47 mentions of Hamilton’s past…and there was enough time during the derby to consume seven beers.

Man, is the second half here yet…can we get back to previewing and reviewing stuff that matters?

See you tomorrow night.