MLB First Half Awards / Second Half Predictions

July 16, 2008

Open it up for Discussion. 100yi is handing out it’s first half awards and including second half predictions. As a bonus we will predict the finish of the regular season and playoff participants. We will save the actual “winner of the whole lot” for September.

First Half NL Awards

  • MVP – Chase Utley  – Really it is Berkman, but since the Astros are going nowhere we couldnt…could we/.
  • CY – Tim Lincecum  – Do I really need to explain myself?
  • ROY – Geovany Soto  – Not going to be a homer…Soto is a stud…you tell me who is better!
  • MOY – Tony La Russa  – Suprise of the NL…Is he really managing the THIRD best team in the NL

AL First Half Awards

  • MVP – Josh Hamilton – Could just as easily be Ian Kinsler
  • CY – Cliff Lee – First Half….probably wont last though.
  • ROY – Evan Longoria – Is anyone else even close?
  • MOY – Joe Maddon – The Rays….enough said

Will things change by the end of the year?

Final NL Awards

  • MVP – Albert Pujols  – No Clearcut candidates will emerge – so it will come down to VALUE as the cards will be in the hunt for the WC until the very end.
  • CY – Tim Lincecum 
  • ROY – Geovany Soto 
  • MOY – Lou Piniella – Getting the Cubs back to the Playoffs has been undoable in back to back years

Final AL Awards

  • MVP – Josh Hamilton –
  • CY – Mariano Rivera – Lee will come back down to earth /Lifetime acheivement award for Mo
  • ROY – Evan Longoria
  • MOY – Joe Girardi – All of the injuries and a big second half run will make NYY forget about Torre

Final NL Predictions

East – Philadelphia Phillies
Central – Chicago Cubs
West – Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card – Milwaukee Brewers

Final AL Predictions

East – Boston Red Sox
Central – Detroit Tigers (CWS Arent as Good as their Record)
West – Los Angeles Angels 
Wild Card – New York Yankees