Phillies @ Cubs Review / Preview – Game Two Thread

August 29, 2008

It was good to be a Cubs fan last night. Phillies….eh, not so much.

Ryan Dempster was very un-Dempster like giving up hard hit ball after hard hit ball. By the eighth inning the Phils had four on the board. To make matters worse, Cole Hamels was dominating the Cubs all night through seven. Thank God teams protect their pitchers today. Hamels was yanked for bullpen relief after 108 pitches. Little Lord Fontenot promptly took the second pitch out over left center to eek closer at 4-2.

Then the “draaa muh” began. Soriano doubled to deep left….Theriot singled…Lee walked to set the stage for Aramis Ramirez. Eight minutes prior I laid out the prediction that A Ram would go deep for a GS…the table was set. You know the rest of the story….6-4 Cubs.

What made it even more fun was that we had our banner day of commenting with 300+ during the game…by far our biggest one day haul here at 100 Year Itch…everyone was around for the prediciton and the subsequent celebration.

So off we go to game two….Rich Harden goes for the Cubs…Joe Blanton for the Phillies. i dont have time to get all of the stats up before the game so…Use your imagination on a Rich Harden start…be interesting to see how the Phillies respond after back to back heartbraking losses….

Not expecting as much traffic here during a day game…so it may be quiet…it may rock…who knows

Ill be here as much as possible…don’t forget if you are a new commenter, your first comment is moderated, then you are allowed to comment freely…kind of a anti troll mechanism


Cubs Sweep Bucs

August 27, 2008

Jason Marquis managed to not shit the bed or have one big inning. No walks? Five Hits? Player of the Game? Doesn’t sound like the Jason Marquis that I know.

Zach Duke dominated the Cubs batters most of the day, so the Cubs had to rely on small ball to score their two runs. A swinging bunt (basically) by Ronny Cedeno drove in the first run in the form of Reed Johnson, and then Lou Piniella called for the suicide squeeze with Henry Blanco executing the bunt that brought Mark DeRosa to the plate. Executed – Perefection…2-0…turns out it was all that the Cubs needed. Kerry Wood notched his 27th save of the year. The Cubs improved to 83-50….best record in the bigs.

A four game set with the Philladelphia Phillies is on tap for the Cubs next. The New York Mets will be watching with some interest in hopes that the Cubs can continue their winning ways. Check back tomorrow for a preview.

Jim Edmonds Was In A Slump ???

August 26, 2008

Wierd. I watch almost every Cubs game…in fact I can’t remember the last one that I didn’t see. I did not realize jimmy Edmonds was on an 0-18 coming into Monday’s game at Pittsburgh. This is a true  testament to the depth of the team. Authors at 100yi have said it before, and it is worth repeating. Edmonds can go 0-18 and it is a non story because someone else seems to pick up the slack everyday.

Jim… 3 for 5 with a triple and two doubles – Slump Over?
Kosuke Fukudome went 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs – Slump Over?
Aramis Ramirez hit another 3 run HR – Heating Up?
Soriano two SB to manufacture a run – Fully Healthy Again?
Only 7 Runners LOB – Timly Hitting Returning?

The Cubs crushed the Pirates at PNC 12-3…game two later today (605 CST)….game is on WGN….

Preview Later – Chat Here Later

Cubs Beat Fish to Maintain One Game Lead Over Brewers

July 25, 2008

Some May see this as being lazy….I’m just trying to spread the love…The Cubs doubled up the Marlins tonight 6-3 in the first game of a short four game homestand…Rather than read my take, let’s enjoy the ramblings and musings from other Cubs Bloggers from all over the internet…

Oh…and one Random Fish Fan


Nice to be able to lean on these guys when I have had a few too many in my home bleachers….