Shaking My Head Still – But I am Here to Chat

September 10, 2008

“We’re playing like we’re waiting to get beat,” manager Lou Piniella said. “You don’t have a big enough lead in September to play ball like that.”

                                       – Lou Piniella

So, we meet here again. Lamenting the slide…the swoon…the choke. What ever you want to call it. We were going to invite some trolls in here to remind us how the Cubs have historically have been Completely Useless By September.

I gotta say…I usually am the last one to crack.  You know you are going to lose a series here or there…you are gonna drop a game. I spend days and nights telling people to calm down. But who is going to tell people to calm down if I can’t do it? Because frankly…I can’t.

I am drinking the troll Kool Aid right now.

Listen…I am not being unrealistic. I am 99% sure we will make the postseason. I am a bit afraid of what will happen once we get there. I say that as I sit here today….being completly honest with everyone. I want my mind to be changed…FAST.

I dont want to be that faithless fuck who gets bullied into believing his team will choke…

Help me the fuck out fellas…just play ball and stop pressing already…the pitching is there – just relax and get some hits!

Lilly faces Looper tonight. This is the extent of the preview….the preview is a fucking plea.

I am asahmed of myself. Tell me how bad of a fan I am by chatting with me below…


No Panic Needed…Read This First – Then Join Game Chat Below

September 3, 2008


Well, we all know the Cubs have lost four straight…at home. Cause for concern? Sure…if thats what you wanna dwell on. It is September after all. If you want to start believing the trolls and the naysayers that the C.U.B.S. stand for completly useless by september go ahead.

The truth is, they Cubs have the largest lead of any division in the NL…they are nine games up in the wild card if we needed to go that route…take away an Aramis Ramirez fluke game with three errors and great defense by Miguel Tejada and we probably arent having this discussion

In all series since the all star break the Cubs are 9-3-2 including 11 straight series without a loss…this will be their first series loss since July….did you really think they were going to win every series the whole second half?

Additionally, The Brewers also lost. So in the end the only thing that the Cubs really lost was a chance to extend their lead in the division. With the Brewers losing in back to back nights, the Cubs could have been up 6.5…but they didnt win so the lead remains the same.

Everyone is making a big deal about Rich Harden missing a scheduled start, but the organization has said that this was planned when they traded for him. Do we have a reason to believe that is not true?

Carlos Zambrano may be the bigger concern, but we havent heard anything definitive, so we arent going to guess.

Here is the thing….MLB is in September…as in 40 man roster time. We have plenty of options as our AAA team from Iowa is also very good and in the playoffs. We can weather this storm just fine. Get Zambrano Healthy, Keep Harden Healthy, Get Derek Lee some extra BP.

Dont start worrying, dont start making excuses.

Need more proof? Here is a list of the best teams in baseball right now. Do you think they havent had issues all year? We have lost four games in a row twice this year. It happens…check this out

  • Tampa has had losing streaks of four games and seven games
  • Boston has had two five game and a four game losing streak
  • LA Angels…two three games and a four game losing streak
  • The Mets…two fives and a four
  • The D Backs…two fours and a five
  • The Brewers…two fives and a six
  • The White Sox…a seven game losing streak
  • The Twins…a six, a five, and a four game losing streak

You see, it has happened to every good team in MLB…It is only just now happening to us. So tell the trolls and the naysayers to shut the fuck up. The Cubs are going to be just fine.

Cubs September Call Ups…News and Notes

August 26, 2008


September Call Ups Include Pie, Hoffpauir, Guzman (Cubs F/X)

Other Options Koyie Hill, Kevin Hart, Michael Wuertz (

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