Opening Bids for Cubs Due Tomorrow

July 17, 2008

Ten lucky bidders will be submitting their opening offers to purchase the Cubs tomorrow. Sam Zell / Tribune company hope to fetch a cool billion for the team and Wrigley Field. All assests are to be auctioned off to one of the ten bidders that have been approved by MLB. The bidders remain largely anonymous at this time however.

The ten should be whittled down to five after the opening round, and a winner should be announced by the end of the baseball season.

I wonder if the value of the team will be diminished at all if the Cubs were to win the World Series this year. Afterall, it would take away the new ownerships ability to be a hero and be the one to help the team to end the 100 year World Series drought….

Here’s to hoping Mark Cuban made the list – and makes the cut.