MLB First Half Awards / Second Half Predictions

Open it up for Discussion. 100yi is handing out it’s first half awards and including second half predictions. As a bonus we will predict the finish of the regular season and playoff participants. We will save the actual “winner of the whole lot” for September.

First Half NL Awards

  • MVP – Chase Utley  – Really it is Berkman, but since the Astros are going nowhere we couldnt…could we/.
  • CY – Tim Lincecum  – Do I really need to explain myself?
  • ROY – Geovany Soto  – Not going to be a homer…Soto is a stud…you tell me who is better!
  • MOY – Tony La Russa  – Suprise of the NL…Is he really managing the THIRD best team in the NL

AL First Half Awards

  • MVP – Josh Hamilton – Could just as easily be Ian Kinsler
  • CY – Cliff Lee – First Half….probably wont last though.
  • ROY – Evan Longoria – Is anyone else even close?
  • MOY – Joe Maddon – The Rays….enough said

Will things change by the end of the year?

Final NL Awards

  • MVP – Albert Pujols  – No Clearcut candidates will emerge – so it will come down to VALUE as the cards will be in the hunt for the WC until the very end.
  • CY – Tim Lincecum 
  • ROY – Geovany Soto 
  • MOY – Lou Piniella – Getting the Cubs back to the Playoffs has been undoable in back to back years

Final AL Awards

  • MVP – Josh Hamilton –
  • CY – Mariano Rivera – Lee will come back down to earth /Lifetime acheivement award for Mo
  • ROY – Evan Longoria
  • MOY – Joe Girardi – All of the injuries and a big second half run will make NYY forget about Torre

Final NL Predictions

East – Philadelphia Phillies
Central – Chicago Cubs
West – Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card – Milwaukee Brewers

Final AL Predictions

East – Boston Red Sox
Central – Detroit Tigers (CWS Arent as Good as their Record)
West – Los Angeles Angels 
Wild Card – New York Yankees



4 Responses to MLB First Half Awards / Second Half Predictions

  1. sparty says:

    thanks for giving it to girardi. but if the rays finish 4-5 games above .500, Maddon gets the award..btw, cubs blow.

  2. stigs says:

    maddon will get that award hands down probably. you might have nailed the rest of them. except the NL MVP is too close to call. i don’t think Pujols will get it though.

  3. Jo says:

    There WILL be a Chicago team in the World Series…but it won’t be the Cubs. The Cubs have a solid team and If they keep going strong they’ll make it to the NLCS but they won’t make it to the World Series as they begin a second century without a World Series Victory. The Chicago White Sox, bolstered by Jermaine Dye, Bobby Jenks, Orlando Cabrera and a surprising Carlos Quentin and Alexi Ramirez, will shock as they did in 2005 when they went through the post season like a hot knife through butter.

  4. mikeychx says:

    White Sox have either been overacheiving this year or underacheiving for the last two since the WS win….since two years is a bigger sampling then one half of a season…I say they are overacheiving and will have trouble holding off the Tigers and staying ahead of the Twins (16 games v. these two) then you have 17 games against the following teams…4 v NYY, 3 v LAA, 7 v. BOS, 3 v TB….that’s a pretty tall order, especially with only a 1.5 game lead…your next seven games should start to sort things out though

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